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Virtual Lunch-N-Learn Series


Join us for this exclusive series of events geared at opening the eyes of the area’s most leading-edge executives to help understand how technology consumption is changing business.

LUNCH IS ON US! Attend any one of our virtual lunch-n-learns to the end live and we'll send you a gift card for lunch! Use it and join us for the next lunch-n-learn webinar. *

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Friday, November 18th @12PM PST Commitment Phobia - How Today's Pay-as-You-Go Licensing Really Works

    Pay per user, per month has revolutionized the way companies are forecasting expenses, consuming technology and boosting productivity. But how does it really work? Do you really save? What about software assurance? Tune in for all of those answers and more.

Other Webinars

  • 11/18 Commitment Phobia - How Today's Pay-as-You-Go Licensing Really Works
  • 11/29 Software Metering: Where Finance & Consumption Converge
  • 12/9 Pay as You Go market disruption: How to build an SLP - Strategic Licensing Plan
  • 12/20 Powerhouse: How cloud licensing portals are giving control back to the purchaser

** Limit two lunches per attendee. Attendee must attend this webinar series live from start to finish to qualify

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