Virtual Lunch-N-Learn Series - We're buying Lunch!

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Virtual Lunch-N-Learn Series


Join us for this exclusive series of events geared at opening the eyes of the area’s most leading-edge executives to help understand how technology consumption is changing business.

LUNCH IS ON US! Attend any one of our virtual lunch-n-learns to the end live and we'll send you a gift card for lunch! Use it and join us for the next lunch-n-learn webinar. *

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Friday, November 18th @12PM PST Commitment Phobia - How Today's Pay-as-You-Go Licensing Really Works

Other Webinars

  • 11/18 Commitment Phobia - How Today's Pay-as-You-Go Licensing Really Works
  • 11/29 Software Metering: Where Finance & Consumption Converge
  • 12/9 Pay as You Go market disruption: How to build an SLP - Strategic Licensing Plan
  • 12/20 Powerhouse: How cloud licensing portals are giving control back to the purchaser

** Limit two lunches per attendee. Attendee must attend this webinar series live from start to finish to qualify