InstantOffice: The Modern, Managed Workplace

InstantOffice provides a secure, managed, all-encompassing, productivity environment at a bite-sized per user, monthly price.

InstantHardware: TABLET OR DESKTOP

Forget the headache of managing hardware costs and let us manage your hardware from implementation to end of life. InstantOffice provides a virtual desktop to enable your people to work from anywhere on any device, without compromising the integrity of the security of your organization.


Empower your staff from anywhere at anytime with a full breadth of cloud based productivity tools based on the software needs of individual team members.
InstantSupport: 24/7 US BASED HELP DESK SUPPORT:
Help desk support, along with monitoring and management of all the infrastructure needed to keep your team productive and connected wherever their work takes them.

Per user, monthly pricing means we're ready to scale up and down with you at a moment's notice, making it easy to keep your business on track:

  • Fully Managed Hardware, Software, Support
  • Pay As You Go, Per User, Per Month
  • Mobile User Management
  • Leading Edge Compliance & Security

With InstantOffice your workforce will always have the latest secure, compliant productivity tools and support at their fingertips. Forget the headache of managing hardware costs and software licensing and order your ready to use workplace technology solution today.


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