At the heart of great teams is great communication

We believe that the heart of productivity is great teamwork, and the heart of great teams is great communication. Productivity today is centered on conversations—sometimes a quick instant message or call, and sometimes a meeting planned in advance including voice, video and content sharing. Office 365 is a world-class productivity service that helps great teams to accomplish great achievements. At the heart of Office 365 Communications is the Skype for Business service connecting your teams with the experience they love, in the Office applications they use every day. With Skype for Business you can simplify your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing.

Achieve more with a fully integrated communication solution

Our company offers a fully integrated communications solution based on Office 365, our services, and certified hardware to ensure the best experience for your end-users. We help our customers along all the steps of the productivity improvement journey, starting with deployment planning and roll-out, to making sure your teams are up to speed with the new solution and comfortable enough with the new ways of communication. By leveraging our company’s offering, your teams will be able to communicate like never before using Office 365 and Skype for Business.

Skype across Devices

Complete Meeting Solution

Modern Voice with Cloud PBX

Security, Control and Compliance

Connect with your team anywhere using our mobile apps across Windows, iOS and AndroidTM, or bring remote participants into meeting spaces of all sizes with Skype for Business Room Systems.
Work like you are all in one room, even when you are not. From collaborative team sessions to large broadcasts or dialing into a conference using your phone, Skype for Business is designed for all your meeting needs.
Make, receive, and transfer business calls in the office, at home, or on the road using phone, PC, and mobile. Increase agility and consolidate management with voice services in Office 365.
Get end-to-end security, control and compliance that span from the user to the enterprise. All powered by the on-demand scale and manageability of Office 365.
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Skype for Business voice

Our integrated communications offering helps you take advantage of the following services and capabilities of Office 365 and Skype for Business:
  • Anywhere access – ability to make and receive business calls in the office, at home, or on the road, using your business number on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or desk phone.
  • PSTN Conferencing – provides the flexibility to dial in to a meeting from a traditional phone, in addition to the existing ability to join a meeting with a single click on your PC or mobile device.
  • Skype Meeting Broadcast – makes it easier than ever to produce large virtual meetings for up to 10,000 meeting attendees, who can join from virtually any browser or device (see it in action). Now Skype for Business truly is a single platform for every type of meeting.
  • Cloud PBX – enables companies to eliminate separate PBX systems and transition to the cloud with Office 365 as the center of communications management
  • PSTN Calling – ability to subscribe to Microsoft managed calling plans and phone numbers.
  • Skype connectivity - Connect, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues, consumers, other businesses, and friends and family—anyone who uses Skype—with both voice and HD video

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skype4b managed solution

Skype for Business for Android

Skype for Business for Android is a productivity app that brings Skype Meetings, instant messaging, voice, and video capabilities to your Android mobile device. It has a new look and feel, at-a-glance view of your upcoming meetings and conversation history, simplified call controls, and many other improvements.

Whitepaper - managed solution

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=#Skype4B helps keep Managed Solution's remote workers connected during meetings!
With online multi-party HD video and audio meetings, it feels like working together face to face, virtually anywhere.
Managed Solution provides implementation of the industry’s most robust unified communication functionality solutions. This will give your organization better methods of communication that enable your staff to be efficient through productive working habits.
With Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync), you can search for and connect with anyone in the Skype network–inside or outside your organization.
  • Find anyone in your company and schedule meetings in Outlook
  • Up to 250 people in meetings
  • Enterprise-grade security and management of employee accounts
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Mission critical conversations call for Ctrl + Shift + I

Skype for Business: Simplifying Communications in the Cloud

This video illustrates how Office 365 and Skype for Business simplify all of your meeting essentials to just one relationship, one work stream, in the cloud and at a reduced cost.

skype video myths managed solution

Myth 1: Installation is a pain.

Video conferencing via the cloud doesn’t require any major hardware or software purchases. Everything is provided online, so installation is easy.
Some services automatically detect your devices, including headset, mic, speakers, and camera, for quick and easy calls with little to no setup required.

Myth 2: The costs are prohibitive

Actually, many of today’s top video conferencing services are low-cost, especially when implemented company-wide. Meetings can happen without plane travel, hotels, cabs, and meals. And that translates to big savings.
Cloud services often offer affordable monthly pricing plans that can be scaled according to the number of users without sacrificing security.

Myth 3: Connecting everyone is hard.

In fact, connecting is easier than you think. You can hold an HD video2 conference from your favorite device3 and accommodate up to 250 people on a single call. Everyone is connected, no matter where they are.

skype video myths managed solution infographic

87% of remote users feel more connected when video conferencing is used.

Communication is stronger when you connect. There’s no substitute for seeing the other people in the meeting.


Olá! Skype Translator welcomes Portuguese

On December 10, 2015, Skype Translator started including Brazilian Portuguese as one of its seven spoken languages offered for speech-to-speech translation.
With Brazilian Portuguese as one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, today’s news is yet another step in Skype’s mission to help people connect through conversation simply and easily, regardless of where you are in the world, and what language you speak.
Just one year ago, Skype released Skype Translator with Spanish and English for people using Windows 8.1. Now, Skype Translator is available on Skype for Windows Desktop and in the following seven spoken languages: Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and now Brazilian Portuguese. Skype Translator also offers over 50 IM languages in text-to-text translation.
In the past year, since Skype CVP, Gurdeep Pall, announced the public preview of Skype Translator, we’ve opened a new chapter in communication and enabled millions of people to connect globally. We continue to be tremendously grateful to our partners at Microsoft Research who have worked tirelessly to improve the technology’s accuracy and have played a key role in releasing new languages.
For those who have not yet taken advantage of Skype Translator, it is this dropdown in the latest version of the desktop app.

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santa skype managed solution

How to have the most wonderful Skype call

By Matthew de Beer as written on blogs.skype.com
As you know, Skype exists to bring you closer to those who are dear to you, even when you’re far apart. And if you have young children you’ll know that the person dearest to them at this time of year is none other than jolly ol’ Saint Nick, even though the North Pole is a long way away.
For a truly special Skype call this holiday season, why not create a call to Santa for your youngsters? It takes a bit of effort, but it could be a memory they treasure for life, even after the magic wears off.

Step 1: Setting the scene

The first thing you’ll want to do is plan where the call is going to take place. Santa could use Skype on his tablet or mobile, but you’ll have a lot easier time setting the scene if you know in advance exactly what parts of the North Pole will be visible during your Skype call. So set up your laptop or webcam before you start decorating.
We could give you some tips on what Santa’s workshop should look like, but your inner-child probably already knows what’s needed – lots of “Ho, ho, ho” and even more snow, snow, snow!
Also, Santa needs a microphone to be heard, like everyone else, but a headset might spoil the effect a bit (not to mention the risk of beard accidents!). A USB speakerphone like the JABRA Speak 410 concealed in a pile of presents near Santa’s chair would be perfect.

Step 2: Get the mood right

A lot of the mood in a room comes from the way it’s lit. When it comes to dark winter nights and cozy hearthside gatherings nothing beats the warm glow of an open flame. But candles alone probably won’t provide enough light for a typical webcam.
You can supplement candles in the room with some artificial lights if you get the right bulbs, though. You’re looking for bulbs with a low “color temperature” – the closer you can get to 1800K (the color of candle light) the better. Your local hardware store should stock lightbulbs in a range of colors for you to choose from.

Step 3: Write a script

As we know, kids are nothing if not unpredictable, but having a rough idea of what you should and shouldn’t say to keep up appearances on the call is a good idea. Toddlers can ask surprisingly tough and unexpected questions, but you might be able to avoid some of them if you steer the conversation down more predictable paths.

Step 4: Make sure Santa is camera-ready

Once you know where Santa will be sitting, you’ll know what parts of his outfit he’ll need for the special occasion. With some careful angling of the camera, he might be able to keep his bunny slippers on rather than shell out for those expensive black boots, for example.

Step 5: Make magic!

Now all you need to do is put your youngster(s) in front of Skype, start the call from Santa and let the most wonderful Skype call of the year take place. If you need a little help getting the call going, feel free to check in with our friends at Skype Support.
If you do set up a call with Santa this holiday season, make sure to record it for the sake of posterity. We’d also love to see the result on the Skype Community to get us all in the festive spirit.

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