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If a new survey of IT Pros is some indication, Microsoft’s gamble with unified Windows 10 OS for various form factors may pay off well in enterprise segment. 48% of respondents said new Windows 10 Mobile features made them slightly or much more likely to consider it on tablets and smartphones.
Eighty-one and 77 percent of IT professionals said iOS and Android-based mobile devices are running in their organization, while Windows and Windows Mobile is used in a third of organizations. However, 48 percent of IT professionals said new Windows 10 features made them slightly or much more likely to consider Windows on tablets and smartphones. While new Windows 10 features such as Cortana, the Edge browser, and Continuum interface draw consumer attention, just 8 percent of respondents said they were interested in the touch-optimized interface and 6 percent cited Cortana. When asked for their general impressions of Microsoft’s new browser Edge, previously known as Spartan, a quarter of respondents said they were somewhat to very positive;, 23 percent said they were neutral, and nearly half said they didn’t know enough about the new browser to have formed an opinion. Four percent of respondents were somewhat to very negative.
Coming to interest in Windows 10 PC version, 96% respondents were found to be interested and 60% of IT departments were already testing it.
Nearly all IT professionals (96 percent) are interested in Windows 10, and 60 percent of IT departments have tested or are actively testing the new operating system, according to a survey of more than 500 respondents by Spiceworks.
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