Blended is Best for Strategic Business Outcomes

According to a IDG Enterprise (IDGE) survey of 696 senior IT and business executives, more than half of respondents said IT must be business-savvy (61 percent), collaborative (53 percent), and innovative (50 percent). The only problem is that finding "hybrid" staff--those with that combination of tech skills and business savvy that CIOs covet--remains a problem.

Many IT executives are challenged to build IT departments that are more strategic, serviced-oriented and engaged with the business--but may not have a full staff of employees who have all the skillsets to make the transformation. By using a blended IT workforce, you can leverage the abilities and expertise of a much larger and technologically-diverse team to tackle issues that your full-time staff may not be equipped to handle.

Benefits of Blended IT

  • Reduce Overhead

  • 24/7 Access to expert support

  • Round out Your Technical Strengths

  • Increased Situational Experience

  • Speed up projects

  • Reduce Waste

  • Increased Operational Flexibility

  • Decrease Overall IT spending

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of employing a blended IT workforce. This approach includes using a mix of full-time employees, independent contractors and temporary workers. A blended IT solution provides for the best possible financial and strategic business outcomes.

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