5 tips to convince your boss to work remotely during the holidays


The holidays are supposed to be full of laughter and cheer, but busy schedules can make this challenging. Being it's such a busy time of year, wouldn't it be nice to work remotely during the holidays? CBS reported that Cyber Monday sales hit a record of 2.68 billion dollars, showing that consumers are busy shopping during the holiday season, but they are also busy with work schedules. How can you fit everything in? You can try to convince your boss to work remotely during the holidays so you can embrace a more flexible work schedule.


5 tips to convince your boss to work remotely:

  1. Present a solid strategy. With nearly 33% of employees working from home and employers promoting a mobile workforce, it's easy to compile a list of facts on how you could be productive at home. Persuade your boss by explaining how this benefit will help you achieve a healthier work and life balance.
  2. Be available and reliable. If given the privilege to work remotely, you need to go above and beyond to show you are being productive and are always available. If your goal to work remotely during the holidays is so you could also run errands during normal business hours, communicate your availability and put in extra time when needed. You need to show that there is no risk involved in working from home, because you'll have more availability than if you were in the office.
  3. Put your boss first. Your goal is to convince your employer that they could benefit if you work from home. Show your boss that you will be more productive. For example, if there are customers that email you after hours, present this as an approach to represent the business and answer emails after business hours. Show that working from home can actually provide beneficial solutions.
  4. Demonstrate alternative plans. Explain that if something comes up and you need to get to the office quickly, you can do so. Never use the excuse that you cannot make a meeting or appointment because you are working from home. Remember, this is a privilege.
  5. Report before logging off. A quick email or phone call to your boss to see if they need anything else before you log off is a great way to show you are being productive and appreciate the privilege. Working from home can create a much happier, healthier, and more productive lifestyle.
The top reason employees seek flexible work options is for work-life balance — something that can be difficult to achieve during the busy holiday retail season.

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