Architecture And Technology: 5 Benefits Of Using Surface Pro


In the past, architects would use a drawing board to sketch designs and illustrate project goals. With the impact of technology in the profession over the years, architecture is transforming. Most firms now use custom software to create interactive designs that generate building designs. Newly developed display systems make it easy for them to create patterns that essentially take the form of an animated project display. When Microsoft launched Architecture and Technology, highlighting how the Surface Pro 3 makes it easy to work from anywhere, they had architects in mind. The original concern was whether the devices performance capabilities had enough power to run custom software applications like Rhino 3D and Autodesk’s Revit, so Microsoft demonstrated its power capabilities using Revit when the device launched. Now architecture firms are using the new device to bring revolutionary structures to life.

Architects Tell Us The Top 5 Benefits Of Using Surface:

  1. "It's as light and transportable as an iPad or tablet but displays the power of a traditional laptop or desktop, which is essential for me to run custom software applications like Rhino 3D and Autodesk’s Revit."
  2. "The Surface is the perfect tool for architects and designers to update projects faster - the digital pen allows mark-ups directly onto 3D models, which makes it easier to edit projects with quick changes. This has been one of the main tools utilized in project meetings."
  3. "Real time access to project files and digital blueprints from anywhere allows my architects to have everything they need at their fingertips while they are on-site. It's also cool that they can edit their designs away from the office and easily share blueprints with one another by swiping their fingers, or using the handy pressure-sensitive pen."
  4. "The device has the potential to make the design process smoother and more efficient by streamlining how information, images, and ideas get shared. It improves the communication between architects, designers and construction, which is essential to keep all the teams successfully in sync."
  5. "Being it can balance fast performance, this device has become crucial in all phases of the project, from the initial design conception to the finishing touches of construction."

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