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Do you or your current IT provider perform regular tests to ensure the recoverability of the stored data? Contact us for your free Back-up and Disaster Recovery Health Check and an account manager will contact you to conduct a 5 minute questionnaire to see how you match up to similar size businesses, get all your questions answered to ensure your corporate data is secure.

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Secure Your Corporate Data

Securing productivity, collaboration and enterprise data is critically important as organizations digitally transform.

3 Obvious Reasons You Need A Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

  • You need to protect your company data from security threats and hackers. Did you see all the recent news of political breaches by hackers who exposed “secure” data?
  • Natural disasters do occur and 90% of companies that experience one week of data downtime go out of business within 12 months.
  • Systems do crash, data gets erased or corrupted, viruses attack.
With vast quantities of vital data moving through your business, even with limited resources and budget, it is critical for an organization to have a true business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place. This is the only solution to deliver an advanced insurance policy against loss of data and downtime.
Managed Solution provides a Business Continuity/Backup & Disaster Recovery Service to protect data from loss and prevent costly downtime in the event of a catastrophic server failure.

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