New Employee Announcement: Jason Smith, Java Developer


Jason joined the Managed Solution team as a Java Developer on January 18, 2016. Growing up around farm equipment and having a passion for old cars, Jason began his career as a mechanic at ten years old when he decided to purchase and restore a 68’mustang. Jason took this passion to the service and later worked his way up to designing engines and mods for Marionette Marine (FMSNA), the biggest ship builder in the world. Jason changed to Software Engineering in 2014 due to a physical disability, and now joins us as he finishes up his Bachelors in Software Development at the end of 2016.
Jason was born in Deer Creak, Oklahoma. After joining the marines in 2008, he moved around to San Diego, North Carolina, and Hawaii. While in the service, he traveled to Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ireland before moving back to San Diego in 2012, where he met his wife. Jason is now happily married with three children, two cats named Ozzy Osbourne and Otis Redding and a Husky named Delilah. Jason and his family love taking trips to SeaWorld and the beach.
Jason considers himself a hot rod junkie because he loves anything with wheels and an engine. He has a 2010 Dodge Challenger r/t classic Mopar edition with the drag pack, a 2003 Chevy 2500 HD crew cab lifted truck with a 400 small block, and a 1/10 scale RC that has a brush less engine that he drives 70+mph on the track. Jason loves building fast cars no matter their size so when he’s not in the office or doing school work, he’s probably working on his cars or motorcycle. His dream is to open his own hot rod shop someday, so he also spends time trying to get his startup off the ground.
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