Successful businesses utilize CRM solutions to manage marketing and sales operations, customer data, and identify new ways to expand operations.

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Expand Your Sales Opportunities With CRM

Your sales team works hard to impress new prospects and satisfy customer needs. Provide them with a powerful tool that can make their job easier and drive sales productivity. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution that can be seamlessly integrated with Office® 365 and put the data that your sales and customer service teams need at their fingertips. Armed with the right information, your people can respond faster to customers and identify new sales opportunities.
Successful businesses utilize CRM solutions to manage marketing and sales operations, customer data, and identify new ways to expand operations. Download this infographic, “Redefine Your Reality: Let Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM take your business to places you CAN imagine,” to learn how these powerful business management solutions can improve sales and drive growth.
As noted on the infographic, nearly 23% of a sales representative’s week is spent on administrative tasks, the common (and overwhelming) paperwork associated with managing customer and sales information. Pushing paper and updating spreadsheets is stealing valuable time away from what you want your sales people doing – meeting customers and making sales. Replace these common manual processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which provides a more efficient way to manage customers and sales, and can ultimately improve productivity.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a centralized location for all of your marketing, sales, and customer data. You can create a detailed customer account that contains sales information, product specifications, delivery requirements, and other customer-centric information. Armed with this information, sales and customer service teams can be more responsive to customer needs, answering customer questions about historical or current orders or processing a new order, without putting them on hold. You can also identify trends within this data, such as common replenishment orders, for example, and take a proactive stance with reaching out to customers before they contact you for a new order.
The more you get to know your customers, the better you can zero in on their preferences and deliver the high quality products or services that they expect. Download the infographic and contact Managed Solution to learn more about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to boost sales and drive growth.
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