Managed IT Services Pricing

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Are you and your fellow employees constantly fed up with technology that just doesn’t work?

Managed Solution makes IT easy and enables your business to grow.


We’re here to help you determine what Managed IT Services offering is right for you based on our different tiered levels of support and your timeline, budget and needs. 

Take a look at our pricing of our different packaged Managed Services offerings to determine if outsourcing your IT is right for you. To learn more, click on one of the options below.

  • Remote Management & Monitoring: 24/7/365 device monitoring, ticketing system, antivirus, reporting & more
  • Full Service IT Help Desk: All the above plus server & email maintenance, application support & incident management
  • On-Site Engineering Services: All the above plus preemptive maintenance, desktop & infrastructure support & resolutions, technology roadmap guidance, optimized uptime and more with physical on-site support

Managed IT Services Pricing

Managed Services pricing can vary in many ways and is based on the number of workstations, users, and servers we are supporting. This table gives you a starting price but is flexible depending on your environment, and there are discounts available, especially when it comes to volume. Additionally, we have optional add-ons where pricing depends on data, server, network and other items, but we wanted to let you know that we have this support available.

For an actual quote or a more customized solution, please contact us in the contact form below or book a meeting here.

Finally, get the high value service you deserve

Our technicians and engineers have an average combined experience of over 20 years of IT service. That experience combined with a variety of technical certifications and an average CSAT score of 98%, we’re confident you’ll love our team.

“Our switch to Managed Solution was like a breath of fresh air. They carefully and competently analyzed our entire ecosystem and suggested changes (not one option, but multiple) to better our systems. There were a number of cost efficiencies put into place. Sequential upgrading of equipment and software solutions as WE needed….not as THEY wanted. They are flexible enough to give you the options, and work on your timeline, your needs, your budget, and your staff’s ability to change.” – Jeffrey G. Penta, CEO, San Diego Eye Bank


Managed IT Services Pricing FAQ

Why are some of your competitors cheaper?
It varies. Some MSPs don’t offer full support, meaning their support may not be 24/7. They also may have a limited skillset or only specialize in one area, where we have specialized staff across the board. They also may outsource their IT help overseas to Mexico or India, whereas our entire staff of engineers, architects and technicians are all based in Southern California.

Do you require long-term contracts?
Our typical Managed Services contract is 36 months, with a 60-day, no-fee opt out clause. However, we can work with what fits your needs. Additionally, we do offer block hours for those who don’t want to commit to a full Managed Services contract.

What payment methods do you accept?
ACH/Bank Account, credit cards (VISA, MC, AMEX) are accepted on our online Customer Portal.  For more information, please email

Do you offer any discounts?
Discounts are available in a couple occurences. First, if you are a non-profit organization, there are many discounts and rebates available through our partnership with Microsoft. Additionally, for other industries, we can offer volume-based discounts so once we discuss how many users or workstations you have, we can discuss discounts.

If we add or remove users, does that change our monthly bill?
Yes, if we are supporting users, we do true up on a quarterly basis so that your billing reflects the actual number of users we are supporting.

Are we billed per user or per device?
We provide support to the user and therefore you are billed per user. If a user has multiple workstations and you would like each workstation monitored, there is an additional small fee for each extra agent.

What is not included in our monthly support?
We will support your current network as it sits today. All devices currently in the network, unless excluded from the agreement, will be included. Any new equipment added to the network will be billed as a project.

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