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Microsoft Office 365 is more than just Word and Excel – Mobility, Collaboration and Networking

Everyone knows that Microsoft Office is the gold standard when it comes to office productivity suites. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook have been mainstays in the business world for decades. What many don’t know is that Microsoft has been quietly transforming Office into a powerful tool for our increasingly mobile-first, cloud-first world. This has resulted in an ecosystem of applications built around the core products that are changing the way that businesses operate and interact with their customers.
Construction companies are starting to take advantage of these powerful new features offered by Microsoft Office 365. Looking beyond the core applications of Word and Excel, this new version of Office has much to offer the construction industry. Let’s look at some of the more popular applications and how they’re being used by companies in your space:

Skype for Business

Virtual meetings are now a common practice in office environments, with meetings between offices, clients and partners taking place in front screens regardless of distance or time constraints. Mobile devices equipped with Skype for Business make it possible for construction companies that have crews on jobsites and project managers back in the office to quickly and efficiently coordinate virtual meetings out in the field. McClone Construction is providing all of its employees with Skype for Business on their phones, tablets and laptops to promote more personal and precise communication between employees. See how McClone is becoming a more mobile, agile and connected construction company.>>>

Project Online

Microsoft Project has long been a favorite of project managers everywhere. Now that Project is available in the cloud, team members, project managers and executives can collaborate quickly and from virtually anywhere to keep projects running smoothly, on time and on budget. Construction solutions firm Hilti Corporation uses Project Online to coordinate projects in its offices in over 20 countries spread out over 6 continents, talk about collaboration! Best of all, because Project Online is in the cloud, scaling up can be done quickly and cost effectively. See why Hilti feels Project Online meets nearly 100% of its project management needs.>>>


Social isn’t just for personal communication any longer. Businesses are starting to see that there are huge productivity gains to be had by keeping employees social in the workplace. Yammer is a new private social network that helps employees and teams stay connected. Whether it’s collaborating on files and organizing around projects or simply starting conversations and keeping in touch, Yammer allows your people to stay connected anytime, anywhere. Shopping center operator Westfield Group uses Yammer to allow its people to share best practices across company functions and geographies. Everything from employee training, cross-center communication and keeping the global team abreast of real-time happenings is handled on Yammer. Watch a short video below on how Yammer is helping Westfield improve the management and operations of all their properties.

Westfield: Empowering an Enterprise from Yammer on Vimeo.


With Sway, employees have the ability to create and share powerful interactive presentations, reports, electronic newsletters and more. In just minutes, users can add their content and Sway will quickly and easily deliver a polished presentation or report. Best of all, one can use all manner of rich content - photos, videos, maps, diagrams, audio files and music - to create interactive and immersive experiences. Sway is an intelligent app that will suggest images, web links, and social mentions based on your content without the need to have multiple apps running. From a productivity perspective, Sway is fully mobile and integrated with Office 365 workflows allowing your employees to use Sway on the go, in the filed. Businesses are changing the way they communicate using Sway.

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