New Team Member: Vanessa Cervantes, Technical Support Specialist

Vanessa CervantesManaged Solution welcomed Vanessa Cervantes as a Technical Support Specialist on Monday, July 20, 2015. Vanessa attended ITT Tech and worked part-time at Subway while she was in school. Based on her awesome sandwich making skills, she became friends with a regular customer, who, upon learning what she was in school for offered her a job interview. She was then hired for her first IT role and gained technical experience as a field engineer. Now with over three years of experience in the IT field, she joins our amazing help desk to provide excellent service to our customers.
Vanessa was born in Los Angeles and then moved to Hemet when she was two years old. After graduating high school, she worked at In-n-Out Burger, where she would travel to other cities/states to open new stores. On one of these trips she met a friend whom lived in San Diego and needing a change from Hemet, she decided to move to San Diego and has been here ever since.
Vanessa is the proud owner of 2 Russian blue cats, Anna & Clutchy as well as a Ball Python named Wesley Crusher. She also has a daughter named Aurora who will be going into 6th grade this year. Vanessa and her daughter enjoy swimming at the YMCA in the morning before they go to work and school for the day.
When Vanessa was asked if she wanted to share any other information about herself, she shared her love for audio books. "I love books and enjoy listening to them all the time. If you know of a good book series I want to know about it," says Vanessa. Right now she is listening to The Lord of the Rings(again), The Eye of the World and A Song of Ice and Fire. "I really like Star Trek TNG and Battlestar Galactica. I also harbor no ill feelings toward any Star Wars fans despite loving Star Trek so much," jokes Vanessa.
Please join us in welcoming Vanessa Cervantes to the Managed Solution team - and if you have any suggestions for great audio books make sure you share them with her.
At Managed Solution, we strive to be the best technology based company by investing in our top assets; our people - CAREERS

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