Manufacturing Better Business with Office 365

Manufacturing industries can utilize Office 365 by creating comprehensive calendaring, documenting collaboration, and streamlining business practices. The above video showcases how businesses of all sizes rely on Microsoft Office 365. Whether it’s manufacturing jet packs in New Zealand or making bubble tea in Los Angeles, businesses everywhere are choosing Office 365 to deliver results and connect with customers in new ways.

  • Access important production and customer data 24×7 from anywhere (project site/on the road)
  • Utilize communication collaborations on almost any device, from PCs to smartphones to tablets
  • Use PowerPoint Online to show clients project overviews
  • Securely relay important information from the project site back to headquarters
  • Coordinate schedules by sharing calendars with clients and the project team
  • These features enable employees to network socially and provide better customer experiences!

    What is Office 365?
    Office 365 is just like the Office you already know and use, but because Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can access your applications and files from virtually anywhere on any device at any time.

    How do I get Microsoft Office 365?

    Managed Solution can assist in deployment and/or migration of Office 365. Contact Managed Solution at 800-550-3795 or fill out the form below and an Office 365 solution expert will be in contact shortly. 365 solution expert will be in contact shortly.