About Managed Solution

Our Why

Our primary goal is to serve our customers and to help them leverage today’s technology for a more productive and collaborative work environment. We want to help you create a positive work-life balance by providing technology that works for you, not the other way around. We are passionate about sharing innovative ideas and eager to continue delivering the best customer service to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. This is accomplished by everyone’s mentality of “whatever it takes to get the job done” and is displayed in our award-winning 24/7 help desk.

Sean Ferrel founded Managed Solution in 2002 when he recognized the need for consultative IT services for small-to-medium and enterprise clients. 

Sean envisioned a better way of serving business’s most critical needs. Today, technology is changing lives – professionally and personally. How to best leverage and afford the latest technology to advance is not always an easy question to answer.

With little capital, Sean and his dedicated team grew the company organically to success and 20 years later Managed Solution is still one of the fastest growing and innovative companies in San Diego. Sean made his vision a reality by building a company culture of like-minded individuals, with the number one focus on the people; serving not only businesses but the people within those businesses.