Overseas versus Local Help Desk

With the digitalization of nearly all business aspects, there has been a boom in outsourcing some of the major and critical operations for any company. Offshore business solutions offer highly competitive rates, which is why it’s not unusual for a company to have outsourced its accounting, marketing, or even the entire HR department. Lately, many businesses have tried relocating their IT support as well. While it’s true that this choice makes a lot of sense with cost-efficiency and the level of help provided and at all hours of the day, there are certain drawbacks there. Having an overseas IT support system is especially difficult for larger companies with hundreds of users or employees. In such a complex IT environment and higher service level demands, offshore providers very quickly become incompatible. 

When you are a business that is on a fast track to success, you can feel the pressure coming from all directions. One such direction might be your customer base or your employee base. With so many people depending on your business, the vital thing is to provide quality IT support. Having a locally trained help desk staff will ensure that your exact needs are met. You will eliminate the problem that offshore providers have with untrained staff and frequent mismanagement of tasks. Companies with an overseas IT department often report trouble with poorly trained staff, communication issues, issues with time management, and overall poor service compared to local IT help desks

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Apart from these service-quality issues, there are some issues of technical nature. A lot of efficacy issues stem from having to tolerate the time zones, cultural differences, and compliance issues. Using an offshore model can be effective up to a certain degree and deliver savings, but in the long run, your company will require an IT sector that is close in both location and business practices. Having a local help desk will be useful when you decide to change platforms, grow your business, or train your staff on common technical issues. They can come in and join you, deliver their knowledge on the spot, and immerse themselves fully in your business, should the need for it arise. 

A local help desk can also easily grow accustomed to your issues and personal goals, which will allow them to start providing intuitive service. They will be ready to jump in and help with any potential technical emergency. This includes on-site issues that can be resolved on the spot. A local help desk has the ability to troubleshoot the issue first hand and offer instant solutions. This is one big advantage a local help desk has over an overseas team. 

Having a local help desk team will allow you to sleep better, knowing that your operations are being dealt with immediately without any potential miscommunication issues. They are going to be up-to-date on your technology and practices, and they will constantly work to improve their reputation and the reputation of your company. 

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