The Women in Technology Network – San Diego

The Women in Tech San Diego Community

Empowering Women in the IT World

The WIT Network is a community of professionals across the world that believe in making it easier for women to imagine, begin and develop a career in IT.

We understand the challenges women face as they pursue careers in an industry that is too often dominated by male voices. This community is to help us overcome barriers too big to overcome individually. Our passions are our driving force: respect, support, empowerment, education, and integrity.

In San Diego, our chapter is co-chaired by Tina Rountree, Director of Sales, Managed Solution, and Jennifer Benedict, Account Executive, Managed Solution.  Learn more about these ladies below!

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Women in Tech: Our Mission

Build a community of like-minded women who meet regularly

Provide mentorship opportunities that span the entire career of every woman

Help other organizations define and implement effective diversity and inclusion strategies

Increase the number of young women pursuing careers in technology

Grow opportunities for women working at every level of the industry

Scale our reach to empower women across the US and globe who need it most