4 Tips: Using Technology to Improve Healthcare

With healthcare IT being a popular topic in the news today, the digital revolution continues to address how technology can actually improve healthcare. Successful healthcare organizations are implementing modern technology into everyday business. Delivering better care and staying up to date with new technologies can improve the overall business of healthcare industries. With new devices offering healthcare capabilities and benefits, healthcare industries need to ensure they stay up to date. The great news is that everybody wins with smarter technology in healthcare.

Use Modern Technology:
Today, most health care providers use mobile devices such as laptops or tablets to review patient and clinical information. Technology has enabled doctors to use e-mail, texts, videos, and conference facilities to consult colleagues and experts from all over the world. With the touch of a technology device, doctors can access thousands of pages of medical textbooks and case studies.

Technology is changing and improving every day and successful healthcare industries are implementing modern communication services.

Implement Effective Communication System:
When technology integration is at its best, the person using it doesn’t stop to think that they are using a technology tool - it is second nature. An effective communication system can give employees the option to work from anywhere and collaborate with patients and colleagues. This allows both physicians and patients to keep a comprehensive, updated record of all health information.

Train Users:
Educate and re-educate employees on new technology. Ensure training plans and services are flexible enough, both virtual and onsite, to accommodate the range of users within each community. Be clear that your team will be shadowing and learning from trainers that have specific technology, tool and data experience. Clarify that their role is to pass along this expertise, not just deliver analytics.

IT Security Partners:
Before selecting new state of the art technologies, do your research and ensure you have an effective IT department or managed service provider to implement and manage the system. Specialized support when getting started with new technologies can truly help transform care delivery. Managers should hold a kick-off meeting with key stakeholders to define the upcoming changes, reinforce the reasons the technology is being introduced, and clearly outline the roles and responsibilities for all involved.

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