5 Microsoft Tools That Will Increase Your Productivity

Tools are there to increase our productivity and overall effectiveness. Microsoft tools are no different. Some of these tools exist to ease communication between employees and teams, others to prioritize tasks, while others, still, live to delegate responsibilities. Depending on the size of your business or the nature of your industry, be it financial, healthcare, and so on, these Microsoft tools that will increase your productivity are among the premier applications of their type. If you'd like a hands-on complimentary demo of these products, request a Customer Immersion Experience.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that allows users to rapidly build, deploy, and manage various applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Azure will enable you to create applications by using any language you desire, as well as any tool or framework. What's more, you can scale your apps to any size without having to focus on the infrastructure already in place.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a set of tools that provide the user with everything they need to administer, provision, and secure the devices used in an enterprise. Among these, we have devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets, which can be managed from a single place.

It is a tool specifically designed for enterprises that want to have better control over their assets and intellectual property, all the while, minimizing the need for human resources.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a wide variety of powerful features that improve your file sharing capabilities, online meetings, and email management, among several others. OneDrive, for instance, will provide a great cloud storage solution, while Skype for Business will enhance your internal communications. Microsoft Office has made a name for itself over the years and Office 365 is just a more versatile and all-encompassing version of that.

Microsoft Hyper-V

With Microsoft Hyper-V, you can create and run a software version of your computer. Known as a virtual machine; this software version will act like a complete computer with its own operating system and installed programs. Hyper-V will run each of the virtual machines that it creates in an isolated space, meaning that you can avoid crashes and other such problems affecting different workloads.

In short, Hyper-V can help you in establishing or expanding your private cloud environment. It will also use your hardware more effectively by consolidating servers and workloads onto fewer and more powerful computers that use less energy and space. Hyper-V will also improve your business continuity by minimizing the impact of downtime, be it scheduled or not. It will establish and expand your virtual desktop infrastructure, also making development and testing easier and more efficient.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a web-based platform that integrates with Microsoft Office, enhancing collaboration between organizations. This tool is primarily used as a storage and document management system that can help companies solve various challenges such as disconnected teams and people, slow turnarounds, lost productivity, or outdated IT systems that are difficult to scale appropriately.


All of these Microsoft tools here, as well as others such as ExchangeDirectory Services, or Dynamics CRM, will help you to increase your company's productivity.

Managed Solution is an organization that provides IT managed services to various companies in the finance, healthcare, or biotech industries, among others. As part of the top 1% of Microsoft Cloud Service Providers worldwide, Managed Solution will help you leverage these technologies, provide the most up-to-date solutions that are sure to drive productivity and innovation, resulting in an overall increase in revenue.

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