An increasingly global workforce, mobility, and video are top trends impacting the evolution of modern meetings. via No Jitter

The Look of Modern Meetings

An increasingly global workforce, mobility, and video are top trends impacting the evolution of the modern meeting.
As written by Michelle Burbick on No Jitter.
Blue Jeans Network recently released its third-annual State of the Modern Meeting Report , which uses data from more than five million BJN business video collaboration meetings in 177 countries to draw conclusions about how meetings are evolving over time.
This year's report highlights several notable trends. BJN has found, for example, that weekend meetings are becoming more frequent. BJN data shows that 49% more meetings are taking place on Saturdays, and Sundays have seen an 84% increase in meetings over the previous couple years. I suppose this reflects that the traditional workweek is on its way out -- something us Millennials have been crabbin' about for a while now.
Online meeting use surges when extreme weather strikes, with video meeting activity increasing by 35% during the Boston blizzard last year and by 26% during the flooding that hit Texas this past May. As this trend illustrates, conferencing technology is making it easier to maintain business as usual in situations when that might not have been possible previously.
As you will see in the infographic below, the corridor from New York to Los Angeles is traveled the most, both physically and virtually speaking, while professionals on the West Coast take more meetings then their counterparts in other regions.
While the use of conference room systems is growing, mobility is key. A quarter of all meetings have at least one mobile video caller, BJN reports, with 78% of mobile video meetings coming from Apple devices. The rise of remote workers and increasing globalization of teams are propelling the use of video, enabling team members to meet "face to face" no matter where they are or what devices they are using.
Take a look at the full infographic to get a more complete snapshot of the modern meeting.


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