Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect Yourself From Data Loss and Outages

It’s imperative to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place to be better prepared for preventing data loss, decreased productivity and brand reputation.

Managed Solution delivers business continuity solutions that protect your essential data from loss and prevent costly downtime in the event of a catastrophic failure. Our cost-effective methods offer high availability, reliability, manageability, and redundancy for all business sizes.

90% of business executives surveyed agreed that they needed a business continuity and backup and disaster recovery plan. Are you in that 90% that is still functioning without one? Many businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss rarely recover. Let us help you make sure you’re protecting one of your most cirtical assets – your data.

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We work with your team to provide a custom backup solution based on your needs and requirements. 

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Drive cost savings and powerful results

A range of options built for the unique needs of your business:

  • Rapidly recovery systems and data in the event of an outage
  • Protection across your Microsoft environment
  • Rely on Managed Solution’s experts so you can free up your to do list

Reducing Risk & Avoiding Downtime with our Custom BCDR Solutions

Downtime decreases productivity and revenue, damages your brand and creates distrust with clients, partners and employees.


This can all be avoided by implementing a proper backup and disaster recovery plan.

By tailoring a BCDR plan that works for your business, we can reduce your risk. As a technology partner, we assess your architecture to understand your needs and determine what tools are needed to meet your RPO and RTO objectives.

Enjoy Intuitive, Hassle-free Protection

Get simple, automated, and secure backup of your most critical on-premise and cloud-hosted data.

Saving time, effort, and financial resources along the way.

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