Athletes in Choir who Eat Early Always Graduate

This might not be the case, but Big Data can tell us a lot about what will make a successful student and much more for that matter, check out this infographic on Big Data in education by

How Can Data Mining & Analytics Enhance Education?

Thanks @ for putting together this infographic.

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See why over half of employees believe nine to five is 'outdated. With improvements in technology that enable employees to check in at any time, from anywhere, it makes sense to allow employees to work outside the traditional nine-to-five schedule.

Over half of employees believe nine to five is 'outdated" […]


'@yusuf_i_mehdi thanks for sharing the Windows 10 facts on twitter... we enjoy asking Cortana jokes! Here's a quick list of all the facts:

Here are 9 Windows 10 facts from Microsoft 75 million […]


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