Azure Cloud Assessment

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Cloud Assessment

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There's not a cloud in the sky...

but there should be one in your business!

Each year, more and more businesses are turning to cloud adoption. Is your business aware of all the cloud benefits? Many businesses that do know how the cloud can transform operations still are not sure where to start. That's where we can help. A cloud assessment determines which workloads are ready to move to Azure, and in what fashion (lift-n-shift, re-platform, or replacement with a new deployment model).

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Let Us Answer Your Cloud Q's

  • How do I get more speed, agility and performance for my IT assets?
  • How do I decide between hosted private cloud vs public cloud deployments?
  • How do I decide the first apps to take to the cloud?
  • What changes do I need to make in my IT staffing?
  • How do I control "shadow IT", or "zombie apps," or workloads that are consuming more resources than the value they are delivering?

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Our Cloud Assessment Process

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Asses enterprise environment, infrastructure, and applications to determine best cloud solution options.

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Create infrastructure maps based on app dependency and performance; identify shadow IT.

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Group apps based on interconnectivity and dependencies, then prioritize them based on how well they score for each "cloud readiness" metric.

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Estimate the total costs of running applications in the cloud vs. on-premise.

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