Press Release: Empowering Future Entrepreneurs, CEO Sean Ferrel tells all.

Managed Solution Goes to Clairmont Highschool

In an empowering session at Clairemont High School, CEO of Managed Solution, Sean Ferrel, recently addressed senior students enrolled in their internship program, delivering a stirring address on entrepreneurship. Sean's wealth of experience and success in the business world provided the students with invaluable insights into the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship.

His engaging talk focused on instilling a mindset that transcends traditional career paths, encouraging the seniors to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit within themselves. During his discussion, Sean emphasized the importance of seeking opportunities to connect people, highlighting how building meaningful relationships can be a driving force in business success.


Journey to CEO

He shared anecdotes from his own journey, illustrating the impact of fostering genuine connections and collaborative efforts. Furthermore, Sean underscored the significance of ethical business practices, urging students to prioritize doing the right thing in all their professional endeavors.

A central theme of Sean's motivational talk was the encouragement to embrace risk as an essential element of the entrepreneurial journey. He inspired the students to view challenges not as obstacles but as stepping stones to growth and innovation.


Insight for future entrepreneurs

By fostering a culture of calculated risk-taking, Sean aimed to empower these young minds to approach their future careers with resilience, adaptability, and an entrepreneurial mindset. The event left a lasting impression on the students, equipping them with the knowledge and inspiration to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.


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From high school and beyond--with the right resources and purpose, anyone can achieve success in leadership. Check out some of the resources below to learn more about embracing the world of business and entrepreneurship.


who is managed solution san diego msp Looking to dive deeper into Managed Solution's journey as a company? See where we've come from, and where we're going.

Managed Solution Turns 20 in 2022- Cheers to 20 years!

Culture - Managed Solution

Managed Solution, a leading technology solutions provider based in San Diego, proudly announces its participation in Giving Tuesday by making a generous donation to the San Diego Humane Society. This contribution not only reflects the company's dedication to corporate social responsibility but also secures its place on the esteemed donor wall of the San Diego Humane Society. 

Giving Tuesday, celebrated globally on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, encourages individuals and businesses to give back to their communities and support charitable causes. Managed Solution is delighted to contribute to the vital work of the San Diego Humane Society, an organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals and providing compassionate care. 

In a unique twist to this year's Giving Tuesday initiative, Managed Solution invited its employees to nominate non-profit organizations for consideration. CEO Sean Ferrel, known for his commitment to community engagement, has personally selected ALL five charities nominated by employees. Each charity will receive a donation in kind on behalf of the employees below. 

The selected charities are: 

  1. Youth on Their Own (Nominated by William Ford) 
  1. American Heart Association (Nominated by Josh Ose) 
  1. Teddy Bear Care (Nominated by Sarah Wolf) 
  1. Frosted Faces Foundation (Nominated by Alecia Wilson) 
  1. CASA - Louisiana (Nominated by Kat Grunzinger) 


The company encourages other businesses to embrace similar initiatives that empower employees to make a difference in the causes they care about. By supporting multiple charities, Managed Solution aims to amplify the positive impact on communities and create a ripple effect of generosity. 


About Humane Society

"San Diego Humane Society, an open-admission shelter, is creating a more humane world by inspiring compassion and advancing the welfare of animals and people. Our lifesaving safety net has helped San Diego become the largest city in the U.S. to keep healthy and treatable shelter animals from being euthanized. We are a private, independent, nonprofit organization that is not affiliated with any other humane society or society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

With campuses in El Cajon, Escondido, Oceanside, Ramona and San Diego, we provide animal services for 13 cities within San Diego County. We not only care for more than 40,000 animals in our communities annually, but also share the expertise we have gained through our innovative programs with shelters nationwide so they can save more lives in their communities.

While our influence is expanding nationally, our top priority is meeting the needs of San Diego. We provide exceptional care for all animals through world-class veterinary medicine, shelter and most of all: love."

- SD Humane Society

About Managed Solution

Managed Solution is a leading technology solutions provider based in San Diego, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including IT consulting, cloud solutions, and managed services. With a commitment to innovation and community engagement, Managed Solution strives to make a positive impact on businesses and society. 


For more information about Managed Solution and its philanthropic efforts, please visit our culture page here.



At Managed Solution, our commitment to community engagement runs deep. We believe in using our platform and resources to make a positive impact wherever possible. Our dedication to philanthropy isn't just a choice; it's an integral part of who we are.

For years, Managed Solution has forged a strong partnership with Computers 2 SD Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing underprivileged children with access to technology. Our involvement goes beyond mere financial support. We've actively contributed by donating our own surplus laptops, desktops, and devices. These items, once retired from our operations, find new purpose in the hands of children who otherwise might not have access to them.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We recognize the power of collective action, and we've leveraged our relationships with clients to extend our impact even further. Through our Nonprofit Program, we empower our customers, partners, and friends to join us in supporting causes that matter. By allocating their referral incentives to nonprofits like Computers 2 SD Kids, they play a vital role in bridging the digital divide in our community.

The Nonprofit Program isn't just about giving back; it's about creating a ripple effect of goodwill. By showcasing organizations like Computers 2 SD Kids within our program, we aim to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved. It's about fostering a culture of generosity and compassion, where giving back is not just a one-time event but an ongoing commitment to building a better world for all.

And the impact of our collective efforts is tangible. The laptops, desktops, and devices donated to Computers 2 SD Kids undergo a thorough refurbishment process before being distributed to families in need. These tools become more than just pieces of technology; they become pathways to education, empowerment, and opportunity. Studies show that children with access to home computers perform better in school, yet far too many families in our community lack this essential resource. Through our partnership with Computers 2 SD Kids, we're working to change that reality, one device at a time.

Committed to supporting the community
But our mission doesn't end with technology distribution. We're also committed to supporting educational initiatives and fostering digital literacy among children and families. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and community outreach events, we're empowering the next generation to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

At Managed Solution, philanthropy isn't just a box to check; it's a core value that guides everything we do. It's about recognizing our responsibility to give back to the communities that support us and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Together, we're building a brighter future for all.

About Computers 2 SD Kids

C2K believes all children and their families in San Diego, regardless of their economic status, need to be computer literate and have equal access to technology and the crucial educational, occupational, and financial resources that technology can provide to improve their educational options and their futures.

For more information, click here to visit their website.

The WIT Network San Diego helps Computer 2 SD Kids Distribute Devices to Families in Need

2nd Annual Golf Tournament benefiting C2SDK

Managed Solution and Just In Time “Geek-Up” College Bound Foster Youth

Learn how College Bound and Just in Time Foster Youth are enable young adults to pave their way into universities and streamline their career success.

San Diego, CA –June 22, 2015

For six years now, Managed Solution has supported transitioning foster youth in the Just in Time College Bound Program by donating thousands of dollars of hardware and software solutions to help students excel in college, along with providing the help desk services they may need on their journey through higher education.

Over the past few months, Managed Solution, a highly honored and tenured managed services company and pioneer in managed, utility-based cloud computing, has been prepping laptops with imaging applications and security updates to prepare them to be distributed to youth at the Annual College Bound Award Day, June 20, 2015.

Just In Time for Foster Youth is a local non-profit that engages a caring community to help transitioning foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well-being. Their College Bound Program delivers essential resources and encouragement for youth attending college.

Participating youth connect with potential lifelong mentors and successful JIT College Bound alumni to receive laptops and printers, learn valuable tips on money management, legal matters and practical purchases, and pair up with a JIT volunteer shopper to buy essential dorm furnishings and school supplies.


“Currently, I’m proud to say we are servicing over 400 local foster youth who overcame challenges to successfully begin a new life chapter as college students and continue their path to become confident, capable and connected.”

  • Jennell Mott, business operations manager & community relations, Managed Solution.


Volunteers, sponsors and youth gathered at the University of San Diego on June 20, for the College Bound Award Day. This event is where foster youth College Bound members receive their laptops, printers, back packs and shopping cards to go dorm supply shopping.

The Managed Solution team was honored to distribute laptops to over 65 youth, who received essential resources to help them succeed in their first year in college.

“It is such a heart-warming experience to see these youth who have faced so much before the age of 18 feel like they now have a support system and family called the JIT community,” says Mott.

“Just in Time is an outstanding local organization that is making a difference in the lives of the foster youth in our community,” said Sean Ferrel, chief executive officer at Managed Solution. “As a local provider of technology services and solutions, we feel strongly about being involved in the community and we are proud to be able to continue to help further the cause of this great organization.”

For information on volunteering or donating to Just in Time for Foster Youth, please visit


About Just in Time for Foster Youth

Just In Time for Foster Youth is a local non-profit that engages a caring community to help transitioning foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well-being.

JIT is the only volunteer driven San Diego organization that functions as an extended family for transitioning foster youth by providing much needed gap services to support them on their path to self-sufficiency.


About Managed Solution

Managed Solution is the premier provider of outsourced IT support and managed services for small to large size businesses. Founded in 2002, the company quickly grew into a market leader and is recognized as one of the fastest growing IT Companies in Southern California.

Managed Solution continues to deliver award-winning services paired with leading business technologies to assist clients in running their business efficiently.

Support College Bound 2015 & Deliver Essential Resources to our Youth

Learn about the incredible College Bound 2015 event and how you can support.


The corridor of uncertainty (Intense)

Managed Solution started supporting Just in Time for Foster Youth in June of 2010 through their College Bound Program by helping procure and distribute laptops and printers to JIT Youth who enrolled in their College Bound program.

Managed Solution made a commitment to JIT that they would also provide helpdesk support to College Bound youth for the term of their college career.

Today we are proud to say we are supporting more than 400 JIT youth!

The Managed Solution team is showing their support for College Bound 2015 by volunteering at their annual events and prepping 75 laptops that will be distributed to the College Bound Youth on June 20, 2015 10am-3pm @USD Campus.

What's Missing for the Youth Leaving Foster Care?

How to Donate

managed solution donates and advocates for college bound 2015The Managed Solution team has a goal to raise $5000. Please help us reach this goal by visiting our College Bound Fundraising page: Donate here


Alicia Moshtagh, Customer Relationship Manager, shopping with youth at a past College Bound event.

Beginning in 2006, JIT awarded its first group of 8 college bound youth with resources for starting their college careers. Over the past nine years, College Bound has grown to help more than 400 youth toward success in college.

Each year, the Just in Time family comes together to give transitioning foster youth the resources and encouragement they need to begin a new life chapter as college students.

Participating youth connect with potential life-long mentors and successful JIT College Bound Alumni, receive laptops and printers, learn valuable tips on money management, legal matters and practical purchases, and pair up with a JIT Volunteer Shopper to buy essential dorm furnishings and school supplies.


Statistics show that 70% of foster youth express a desire to go to college, while only 13% attend and, at best, 3% graduate. For those who do attend, there is a 23% graduation rate compared to 45% for the general population.


While support for foster youth exists in the form of scholarships and other services, the statistics reveal persistent gaps in positive outcomes – gaps created by a lack of the basic resources required for college life and the focused and consistent encouragement of an extended family.


A recent evaluation of the 165 participants in College Bound cohorts from 2012-2014 showed that:

• 89% of participants remain enrolled in school

• 6 have graduated, including CSU San Marcos Alumnus and JIT Program Coordinator James Monroe

Learn more at

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