Korean and Indian companies leverage Microsoft Azure for digital transformation

Digital transformation is being driven by Indian companies such as Flipkart (the country’s leading marketplace) and Tata Motors, as well as Korean companies such as LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Asan Medical Center, through the leveraging of Microsoft cloud.

Azure is available from two new cloud regions in Korea, part of 38 Azure regions around the globe which is more regions than any other cloud provider. 13 of those regions are in Asia which gives customers across the region the opportunity to leverage the Azure cloud platform’s ability.

Across industries, including finance and health care, Korean companies are putting local Azure services to use in their organizations. LG Electronics is sending real-time data and using the scalability of virtual machines in order to better serve their customers and Asan Medical Center is able to collaborate with the industry & academia in order to supply anonymous clinical notes through Microsoft's hybrid cloud.

Other Korean companies, such as Samsung Electronics, are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT). Using its remote energy reduction solutions (S-Net Cloud), Samsung is able to monitor energy use and deliver efficiencies to customers in order to save them money on energy costs.

Data center regions in India opened in September 2015 have provided the immense computing power of Microsoft cloud for the purposes of growth and innovation. Flipkart has adopted Azure as its exclusive public cloud platform to do just this, grow and innovate. The collaboration between Microsoft and Flipkart has marked the process towards providing customers with the best online shopping experience possible, aided in addition by Flipkart's use of Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to optimize the areas of merchandising, marketing, and customer service. This partnership comes on the heels of Microsoft's cloud collaboration with Tata Motors – India’s leading auto manufacturer – to provide connected driving experiences with Azure.

People and organizations across the globe are embracing the cloud to solve unique challenges. You can follow these links to learn more about the new regions in Korea, how Flipkart is using Azure, case studies of how people and organizations are using the cloud for innovation, and to learn more about Azure services and solutions.

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