Congratulations Kim Wolf! Player of the Month September 2016

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This award is given on a monthly basis to a Managed Solution employee who has done an amazing job of exemplifying and living up to the Managed Solution Core Values.
The Managed Solution leadership team selected Kim Wolf as Player of the Month because in her short time with Managed Solution she's already had multiple large wins and really understands how to provide the right solutions for her customers..  Her general attitude working across different departments has been praised by our project management team, who also say she's a hustler when it comes to exceeding various projects.
Kim's passion for technology and ensuring customer projects run smoothly is inspiring to her colleagues,  therefore leadership is excited to award her dedication and hard work with this month’s Player of the Month.
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At Managed Solution, we strive to be the best technology based company by investing in our top assets; our people!

Here at Managed Solution we thrive in an energetic, performance-driven environment where results, teamwork, and quality of customer satisfaction are recognized and rewarded. Our corporate culture is diverse, open and creative. We look for team members with proven experience, a strong sense of passion and dedication to the highest levels of excellence, technology and business ethics.



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