Creating Better Retail Experiences With Technology


During the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York, Microsoft explained how they see the future of retail and the benefits of creating better retail experiences with technology.
In a recent blog post, Thomas Hansen, Vice President of Worldwide SMB at Microsoft, explains that smaller businesses can leverage Microsoft technology and innovation to offer a more fun and engaging shopping experience to their customers. Modern technology is no longer just targeted at big companies. Smaller retailers are successfully modernizing the shopping experience utilizing tablets and applications to create better services and an overall better shopping experience for customers.

Benefits of Creating Better Retail Experiences With Technology:

  • More mobile and attentive service drives sales, increases productivity and improves the customer experience.
  • Bringing technology into stores allows retailers to engage customers in new ways and build loyalty.
  • Consistent experiences physically shopping in a store, online, or on a mobile device.
  • Modern point of sale (POS) solutions are becoming more powerful and common, allowing retailers to better understand their customers and provide more customized services.
  • POS solutions can increase productivity and improve customer experiences for small business owners, independent retailers, and sole proprietors.
Modern technology can help small businesses provide better customer service while bringing insights from online shopping to the in-store experience. The retail experience of the future will take personalization to the next level so it’s a great time to leverage new technologies to get ahead.
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