Discounted Microsoft Licensing for Healthcare Providers

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Self-Serve Portal Offers Huge Microsoft Licensing Discounts

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Through our Cloud Solution Provider Portal you could sign up for a NEW Office 365 account and begin purchasing Microsoft Cloud Licensing solutions that fit your business (no minimum user counts).

Improve the quality of care

Mine disparate information systems to build more-accurate and richer patient profiles. With the ability to infuse data like electronic health records and handwritten case notes, you can uncover the actionable intelligence required to improve care and reduce costs.

Get things done efficiently

Discover how more advanced and diverse predictive analytics capabilities can deliver better performance for healthcare organizations.

Medical and clinical research

Apply predictive analytics to uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to deliver optimal patient care and anticipate emerging health trends.

Deliver security-enhanced access from virtually anywhere

For more information call 858-429-3000


New Self-Serve Portal Offers Huge Microsoft Licensing Discounts

Only offered by Tier 1 CSPs


Healthcare providers using cloud computing are saving money on overhead, providing the latest technology advances for their staff, and increasing productivity.


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