Healthcare Staffing Agency Given An Opportunity To Grow


Healthcare Staffing Agency Given An Opportunity To Grow

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 A healthcare staffing firm with about 20 employees had been with the same independent IT consultant since they were less than half that size. While the independent consultant did a great job supporting them in the early days, he was having difficulty keeping up with their day to day needs as they continued to grow. Things became even more difficult if he was out sick or on vacation. With improved economic conditions as well as new legislation for the healthcare industry, the client felt this would be the proper climate to grow their business. Although to make this a reality they would need guidance on what technology to leverage as well as a way to support their company as the number of employees continued to increase. They also wanted to provide employees access to work remotely from the office.


Managed Solution first partnered with the healthcare staffing firm by doing an assessment of their current environment while also taking on the responsibilities of the day to day IT support. The assessment provided the client insight to what was really going on in their network. A server that was thought to be only a year old was revealed to be over 4 years old, out of warranty, and approaching capacity. Also, it was not configured and patched properly which was the cause of some their daily challenges. What was also revealed was that their back-up solution had not worked properly for over a year. This was troubling due to compliance standards they thought were being met. Managed Solution was able to design and implement a new network infrastructure that would not only help them meet their HIPAA and Joint Commission requirements but also improve the way their employees were able to work together.


Managed Solution was originally chosen to partner with the client due to their growing demands for day to day IT support that were not being met. While this was addressed, the true benefit to the client was making them aware of why they were having challenges, both known and unknown, and providing them guidance to overcoming them. What is probably more exciting were the recommendations in technology that have helped them grow their business. After 1 year of working with Managed Solution, they were able to increase their staff by 25% because they know they now have a way to support them. With their continued success, they are now anticipating further growth by an additional 200% over the next 2-3 years.

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