How Students, Teachers and Schools are using Microsoft OneNote to Redefine Learning

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How Students, Teachers and Schools are using Microsoft OneNote to Redefine Learning

Part of the Office365 software suite, OneNote is becoming an indispensable tool for students, teachers and administrators alike. As more and more schools and classrooms equip students with computers in the class, teaching using digital tools and interaction is becoming commonplace. Naturally, the rate of adoption will vary from school to school, and some will undoubtedly struggle through transition. However, there are some success stories that can serve as inspiration for change.
Here are just a few ways that OneNote is redefining the learning experience:
  • Jacqueline Yoder, a teacher at St. Andrews College and early adopter of OneNote in the classroom, champions the use of OneNote for its “extensive collaborative capabilities”. She sees it as more than simply a tool for storing notes, but as a way for her students to interact with her and with each other. She’s gone as far as doing away with books in some of her classes and using only OneNote. As she so eloquently put it, OneNote is her students’ “ring binder in the sky.” Read more about Mrs. Yoder’s OneNote successes >>>
  • Sammamish High School in Seattle, Washington orients its curriculum around a collaborative approach to problem solving. This past school year, they handed out laptops to all students giving them the ability for digital note-taking utilizing OneNote Class Notebooks. Not only were students’ study habits influenced by using OneNote as their main tool, but teachers also noted the influence on their own teaching practices. Perhaps no statement is more powerful in attesting to the profound effect OneNote has had on the school’s 950 students and 79 teachers than this: “On the second day of school we distributed laptops [equipped with OneNote]. Within a few weeks we canceled all orders of paper for copy machines.” Click to see OneNote in action at Sammamish High School >>>
  • Teachers at Manteca Unified School District knew that, as part of their Going Digital Initiative, they would have to become comfortable with their new Windows 8.1 Tablets with Office 365 before the same devices were given to all students. Today, students’ lives at the schools in the district revolve around OneNote Class Notebooks, but getting to that point required teachers and administrators alike to embrace the technology before they could lead students to do so. And embrace they did, beginning with the district office using OneNote Staff Notebooks during meetings. That quickly trickled down to school administration and most importantly, down to the teachers. Teachers are now involving parents in the use of OneNote during parent-teacher conferences. Read more about the Manteca Unified’s amazing story>>>
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