24/7 On-Demand National IT Help Desk

On-Demand National IT Help Desk Services to Support Your Business 24/7

Our award-winning national Help Desk is designed to have IT empower your business. With our team of experts, we transform your business operations by enabling collaboration and innovation across departments, maintain mission-critical applications and help you modernize your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive technology roadmap.

We proactively take care of all your devices including desktops, laptops, mobile, and servers. It’s our mission to deliver reliable technology services to ensure your applications and workstations are available and accessible whenever and wherever you need them. Plus, your employees can contact our technicians 24/7/365 for any issues they need help troubleshooting.

This includes:

Performance & preventive maintenance reports
Automated patching/updates with flexible installation & optional reboot
Ticket alerts & escalation with steps to resolution
24/7 device monitoring & alerts from help desk
Windows, MAC & mobile support
Software installation
Webroot Antivirus
LogMeIn Pro Remote Control
Virus & malware removal
Monthly reporting & QBRs
Hardware & Software audits
Remote restart of services & low disk space cleanup
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Software
Antivirus Management
Web-based portal
Self-help center
Shadow IT
Ticket-based workflow
Warranty reports & notifications
AV Scans
Network Availability Monitoring
24/7/365 National IT help desk support
Custom triaging of tickets & proactive alerting
Reactive incident management & resolution
User Account Management
Server Maintenance
User updates & ticket feedback
Application Update Support (With Vendor Support)
Customer Success Manager
IT Help Desk Manager
Level I, II, and II technicians

When you call, we answer; Whatever the Time Zone!

You deserve reliable IT support. Put simply, when you call, we answer, and we don’t rest until the problem is solved and you’re happy with the solution.

“Each time I call the line, they are so ready to help as if there is no other client but me. They immediately take the time to solve the issue. Thank you for your patience and excellent client service skills!”

Learn How We Can Support You

Woman on a support call.

Our Promise to You

When technology doesn’t work the way you want it or need it to, it can be really frustrating. We want to help alleviate that frustration as quickly as possible. To better serve all our customers, we’ve set up a support level ticket escalation matrix to make sure we prioritize mission-critical tasks first, while not disregarding the smaller scale issues that we deal with more frequently. Here’s how our escalation works:

  1. Service not available with all users/functions affected: response within 15 minutes
  2. A significant number of users or business critical functions affected: within 30 minutes
  3. A limited number of users or business critical functions affected, business process can continue as normal: within 60 minutes
  4. One user affected, business process can continue as normal: within 2-4 hours

After we’ve completed your request, we’ll send you a one-click survey so you can let us know how we did.

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