Azure Migrate

Is your organization considering migrating to the cloud?

Decide if the cloud is right for you with a simple cloud migration assessment, or more specifically, Azure Migrate.

As a top Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Managed Solution can help you evaluate your readiness to migrate to the cloud through Azure Migrate. With this tool, we assess your readiness and provide a confidence rating based on the following criteria:

  1. Performance
  2. Network compatibility
  3. Application workload compatibility

Each of these factors combined results in a confidence rating which allows us to make recommendations based on your needs and budget. Should you move everything to the cloud or embrace a hybrid cloud model? Our assessment will allow you to make predictable decisions about what workloads to move to the cloud and which to keep on-premise.

“I’ve been so impressed with the sheer agility of Azure and the ease of support with Managed Solution. The whole team was very flexible with our needs and worked with us to have a resources available the weekend of our cutover. They’ve been willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.”

Doug Cyphers, Vice President of IT, WD-40 Company

Find out your cloud readiness with Azure Migrate today.

Azure Migrate assesses on-premises workloads for migration to Azure. It will determine the migration suitability of on-premises machines and will provide cost estimations for running on-premises machines in Azure. After the assessment, you can use services such as Azure Site Recovery and Azure Database Migration Service, to migrate the machines to Azure.

Why use Azure Migrate?
  • Assess Azure readiness
  • Get size recommendations
  • Estimate monthly costs
  • Migrate with high confidence
What do we add to this assessment?

At Managed Solution, we give to you additional value for this cloud readiness assessment in the form of the following:

  • High-Level Assessment: virtual appliance to monitor workloads over time in order to get an accurate confidence rating
  • Deep-Dive Assessment: examines the dependencies and communications between your current servers

High-Level Assessment

This assessment involves deploying a virtual appliance in your VMware or Hyper-V environment. and allows us to look at right-sizing workloads, CPU, RAM, and storage. In order to get an accurate “Performance-Based” assessment, this requires a 1 week minimum to get the confidence rating.


Deep Dive Assessment

This assessment includes deploying a virtual appliance in your VMware or Hyper-V environment along with installing agents on your actual servers. This gets you everything from the high level assessment plus the visualization into the dependencies between servers and what communications are between the servers.

How do these asssessments benefit you? By installing these agents on your servers, we can more accurately predict your spend and the time frame for your migration. By determining the compabilitiy and dependencies of your applications and machines, we can have a more strategic and timely approach that fits into your budget. Additionally, with this information, we’re able to adjust and optimize the resources based on the utiliziation.

Upon completion of the assesssment, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover on-premises VMs & app dependencies
  • Mitigate VM migration issues with built-in guidance
  • Adjust & optimize cloud resources based on utilization
  • Get tool recommendations to use for migration
  • View dependencies to group VMs effectively for migration

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