Microsoft Cloud Vision is One of Convergence


clouds photoMicrosoft recently concluded its Worldwide Partner Conference and it became clear after CEO, Satya Nadella spoke that the company would push forward with its cloud-based agenda. While the company’s roots lie in software, they are looking to dissolve the lines between work and personal computing – through a convergence if you will. In order to do this, Microsoft will continue to develop and focus its efforts on a cloud infrastructure.
“We’re building out that digital infrastructure that ties together people, their activities, their relationships - to all of the artifacts of their life, be their photos or documents and more. That’s what digital work and life experiences mean,” says Nadella.
Moving forward, the company will continue to develop products such as Skype, Lync and OneDrive to benefit enterprises and individual consumers alike. For instance, Microsoft is grooming Skype on its speech recognition, translation, learning and synthesis capabilities. This will radically transform communication. Additionally, they are working on building an integrated stack of cloud services (private, public and hybrid) and applications with existing products such as Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM.
This speech comes at a time when major layoffs are expected throughout the company. Nadella, although recently appointed, remains hopeful and encourages listeners that a renewal of company culture with a cloud vision in mind is the only way to be successful.

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