Pokémon Go has an estimated 7.5M U.S. downloads, $1.6M in daily revenue


Pokémon Go has an estimated 7.5M U.S. downloads, $1.6M in daily revenue

By Darrell Etherington as written on TechCrunch.com

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Pokémon Go is off to a big start in the U.S., but just how big? The company hasn’t yet revealed any official numbers, but we have estimates to provide an idea of the scope of downloads and revenue the mobile game is generating.
App analytics company SensorTower used its predictive model of the App Store and Google Play, which takes hundreds of thousands of data points from its partners to generate an estimate of the download numbers Pokémon Go is seeing: it’s been downloaded a total of around 7.5 million times in the U.S. From Google Play and the iOS App Store, according to their numbers.
In terms of earning power, the game is making around $1.6 million per day, according to SensorTower, and that revenue estimate is limited to iOS only.
To put that into context, Clash Royal (which is among the biggest recent hits in mobile gaming) is currently estimated to be making around $350,000 per day on iOS, according to SensorTower’s data. Obviously, there’s going to be some drop-off when it comes to daily spend as the hype wears out, but Pokémon has a number of benefits that could add to its stickiness, including a beloved IP and ample avenues to expand its content offerings in order to keep users coming back.
Consider, for instance, that Pokémon Go currently only includes the original stable of 150 Pokémon; there are still another 570 remaining as of the release of Pokémon X/Y (and there are more on the horizon with the next installment’s release in Pokémon Sun and Moon).
Meanwhile, SimilarWeb covered other interesting comparisons for the game so far, including a revelation that it already leapfrogged Tinder in installs on Android in U.S. Installs, and that it already eclipses various other social media apps in active use time on devices.

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Nintendo’s other recent mobile title had only 1.58 million downloads in its initial five days on iPhone and Android, which pales in comparison. That’s the power of Pokémon.


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