Managed Solution displayed the HoloLens at CalPoly Cyber Security & Awareness Fair


San Diego, CA. On October 25, 2016, Managed Solution participated in the 2016 Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Security & Awareness Fair.  The fair aimed to bring awareness to the world of Cyber Security where our entire world is progressing into an internet connected world.  At the fair students and faculty got to experience a variety of speakers that have in-depth knowledge of the Cyber Security do's and don'ts and experience in the Cyber Security field, a poster contest where students displayed their research of pressing issues in the Information Technology Industry, and a hands-on exhibit that allowed students to experience the world of a typical attacker on Internet of Things products.

At the event, Managed Solution demonstrated Microsoft HoloLens for education to over twenty interested ticket holders.  The President, IT Staff, and select students got to experience the world of mixed reality and try out an application to see how they could learn with mixed reality in the classroom. Faculty and student developers tested the HoloLens for the first time and will be getting their own devices in the classroom in the next few weeks to collaborate on mixed reality application development in the classroom. Managed Solution is excited to work with the future generation of mixed reality developers and stay in touch to share their successes.

Soraya M. Coley, Ph.D., the president of Cal Poly Pomona experiencing Microsoft HoloLens for the first time.

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