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Benefits of Using A Cloud Solution Provider for Office 365

Customers today are demanding that more and more of their IT solutions be deployed in the cloud. Industry analysts agree this trend will not only continue, but accelerate in the future. Feedback from customers say they would like their Technology Partner engaged at every part as their moving to cloud - from sales to renewal, from billing and provisioning, to full support. By partnering with a Cloud Solution Provider, customers could have one point of contact with one monthly bill for all their Microsoft cloud solutions.
Office 365 is one of the most deployed productivity suites because of its flexibility, availability, and functionality, and many organizations that already have the staff to manage their productivity and desktop environment are still seeing the benefits from partnering with a Cloud Solution Provider.

Save Your IT Department Deployment Time

Customers realize real, long-term value from Office 365 once they’re fully onboarded. Microsoft's Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program streamlines the designing, planning, and deploying components. Cloud solutions are customized specifically for each customer and focus on driving internal productivity, collaboration and culture – which provides valuable business outcomes. This reduces the time needed for your internal IT department to overcome the learning curve for designing, planning, and deploying Office 365 and could be allocated toward more strategic business initiatives.
The demand for Office 365 from businesses that want to be more productive, collaborative and mobile continues to increase. By leveraging the expertise of a Microsoft CSP certified partner, purchasing Office 365 is seamless, the agreement lifecycle is automated, and the deployment process is managed by your service provider.

Admin Portal Control

Partnering with a CSP doesn't reduce any admin privileges, you will still have full access to the Admin Portal and see everything related to your Office 365 environment.
By working with a CSP, the customer decides what they want to administer and what they want their Technology Partner to control/support. Outsourcing parts of these backend processes lets the customer’s IT staff stay strategic and efficient as they focus on their core business, which can also be referred to as a blended IT workforce.

Monthly Per User Pricing

CSPs not only offer Office 365, but they include support and value-added solutions through services and applications that could all be added to one bill based on per user, per month pricing. Enhancements of working with a CSP include a new “concierge” style of services that include proactive onboarding support, early onsite services, as well as follow-up work.

24/7 Support for IT Staff

By working with a CSP that offers 24/7 support, your IT admins have support for the deployment and administration of Office 365 products. The CSP provider functions as an IT outsource to ensure any incident is proactively managed and solved.
This support assists internal IT departments with ongoing management of Office 365.
The CSP program allows Managed Solution to build stronger relationships with our customers and provide them with the best cloud solutions to empower their business. Managed Solution customers in the Cloud Solution Provider Program receive unlimited access to the Enterprise Level Support and Premiere Deployment services that only 1st Tier CSP’s can provide through their Microsoft Partnership.

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