Employee Awareness of Phishing & Social Engineering Attacks

As written by Rob Walker.

Employee behavior is considered one of the main reasons why phishing attacks can be effective. With proper education your staff can be made aware of how to spot phishing attacks and stop them in their tracks.

Red Flags

Alert your staff to look for these red flags when they receive e-mails that are requesting some form of payment, account password authentications, or account deletions:

Tips & Ground Rules

Alert your staff to follow these rules when it comes to suspicious activity:

In addition to these tips, it could be a good idea to put Microsoft Defender to use company-wide. It is a part of Office 365 that can protect your staff from malware attached emails as well as unsafe links embedded in emails.

Certified Security Awareness Training

It is also a good idea for you to obtain certified security awareness training. A reputable company that provides this service is KnowBe4 and they provide the following:

Educating your staff is key. They are often the only line of defense when it comes to sophisticated phishing attacks. Contact us to learn more about getting your users fortified with the knowledge and support they need.

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