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Ninth grade students from Clairemont High School attended a Job Shadow event at Managed Solution today to learn more about various job positions at a technology firm. View the full press release here. More photos and videos coming soon.

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Clairemont High School Students Learn Critical IT Skills Through Managed Solution and Junior Achievement Job Shadow Initiative

The collaboration kicks off Computer Science Education Week which encourages students to pursue careers in STEM-related industries
SAN DIEGO, Calif. – In honor of Computer Science Education Week (Dec.7-11), Junior Achievement of San Diego and Managed Solution are partnering to impact the lives of 60 students from Clairemont High School by teaching critical IT skills and encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM-related industries.
The job shadow event is Tuesday, Dec. 8 at Managed Solution, located at 9655 Granite Ridge Drive, Suite 550 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.
While spending a day at the business site, students will be exposed to real-world learning and technology. In addition to presentations on the various job positions at Managed Solution, one of the fastest growing IT companies in Southern California, employees will share life experiences and career advice through six project-based activities during the workday.
“In the world of technology we are constantly learning, so exposing our students early to real-world educational experiences is key,” said Sean Ferrel, President and CEO at Managed Solution. “I believe industry themed curriculum that incorporates career and technical courses with real-world application really prepares younger generations for careers in the industry.”
The job shadow program helps students recognize the link between academic subjects and actual workplace skills. The students learn dressing and speaking professionally, being on time and working as a team, are just as important as a strong academic foundation. In fact, providing young people with real-world learning experiences can be key to improving U.S. high school graduation rates. The experience allows students to spend quality time with a professional in a workplace setting, and to make valuable contacts for future employment prospects.
“Junior Achievement is excited to team up with Managed Solution on this important initiative,” said Marla Black, President and CEO at Junior Achievement of San Diego County. “Both organizations remain focused on how to drive impact and equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to be college and career ready.”
The educational program will include the following six breakout stations:
Video Editing & Filming
The session will introduce why videos are important in every industry and how Managed Solution uses them for marketing, as well as, creating “how-to videos” to show clients how to use certain technologies. During the exercise, students will film a portion of the day, upload and edit the video with the goal of creating an overall recap of Clairemont IT Day. Students will use a Cannon EOS 6D DSLR camera to record other breakout sessions and/or briefly speak about their experience at the event. They will then upload the video to the computer and edit it in Adobe Premire Pro. The final edited video will be uploaded to Youtube to showcase their workday experience.

Project Management

Students are challenged to create their own project management plan. They will be responsible for providing and setting-up a plan for a client to watch all the sports games from the office conference room. Students must provide insight into how long it’s going to take, and how much it will cost.

Coding/Web Design

At the coding/web design station, students will look at the elements of current web design trends and how third parties like WordPress are making it feasible for those without coding experience to create a website. Students will also see why knowing CSS is critical to making their own website template.

Partner Marketing

The station will give an overview of partner marketing and why it is valuable for an IT company to leverage partnerships. Students will then create their own partner program.

App Development / Go to Market Strategy</h3<

The station will cover the steps of building a successful mobile app - from conception to the go-to market strategy. This course is designed to show students what steps they need to take to create great cross-device mobile web experiences. This activity will focus on the discovery phase of App Development where they will brainstorm, conceptualize, design/lay out, and then create a marketing plan for their app.


The station will cover a brief overview of cloud services and how cloud technology is changing the marketplace for technical roles. Students will get to utilize cloud services and watch a demo for cloud on demand.

About Managed Solution

Managed Solution is a full-service technology firm that empowers business by delivering, maintaining and forecasting the technologies they’ll need to stay competitive in their market place. Founded in 2002, the company quickly grew into a market leader and is recognized as one of the fastest growing IT Companies in Southern California.

About Junior Achievement of San Diego County

Since 1950, Junior Achievement of San Diego County has provided life-changing programs to more than 730,000 youth—in the classroom and after school—to foster an understanding of how the “real world” works. To ensure youth are prepared for their future, JA teaches them how to get a job, start a business and how to manage money. Home to the popular McGrath Family JA BizTown and Mission Fed JA Finance Park, JA of San Diego will reach 70,000+ youth from 36 school districts during the 2015-16-calendar school year. JA San Diego receives support from more than 5,200 volunteers annually, including 48 board members, and has a staff of 22 and a budget of $3 million. For the latest news and information, please visit:

Download the PDF press release here.

Danielle Hamra
Managed Solution

Kristi Zimsky
Junior Achievement of San Diego

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Tony Work PhotoTony Pecora joined the Managed Solution team as Technical Account Manager on November 23, 2015. Tony started working in the managed services provider (MSP) space seven years ago and never looked back. He has experience working for larger companies including schools, Cardinal Health, Houghton Mifflin, etc. but prefers life in the MSP world because he loves the comradery and the ability to wear "multiple hats," while being able to make significant changes in a client's business.
Tony's favorite job before MSP life was tutoring at his first alma matter, Mira Costa College - he even still keeps in touch with the tutoring coordinator. Tony tutored introductory English, Physics, and a range in Mathematics from Pre-Algebra through Calculus III.
Tony grew up in Virginia and moved to San Diego when he was fifteen. After eighteen years in SoCal he moved to San Francisco but plans on moving back to wonderful San Diego in a month. Tony is an active person and enjoys softball, the gym, the shooting range and paddle-boarding. He's been on several competitive softball teams but says he stays away from tournaments because of the attitudes a lot of people bring.
Tony Valencia Peak

Tony exploring the outdoors at Valencia Peak

Along with several co-workers at MS, Tony is a motorcycle rider and has strong preferences for.. and against food. Tony says he's not a picky eater, but he can't stand bacon, cheese, salt, cilantro, or any kind of salad dressing, although he recently made peace with sesame vinaigrette. He's never had coffee and isn't a fan of caffeine so doesn't think he's missing out. He does say there is no such thing as too much garlic, or sugar, or BBQ anything (sauce, meat, BBQs, etc.)!
We're excited to have Tony on board, please join us in welcoming him to the Managed Solution team!
At Managed Solution, we strive to be the best technology based company by investing in our top assets; our people - CAREERS


brian laceyWith 22 years of experience working in the IT industry, Brian Lacey joined the Managed Solution team as the Director of Technical Services on Monday, November 16, 2015. He started his career as a Tier 1 service desk analyst for a company responsible for providing support to NAPA auto part dealers. From there, Brian had roles such as lead programmer, project manager, implementation lead, and subject matter expert. Brian comes to Managed Solution from Accenture where he spent the last 13 years managing application outsourcing contracts and staff responsible for delivering the service.
Brian was born and raised in a small town near Peoria, IL. He attended college and spent the first 16 years of his career in Illinois as well. In 2009, Brian jumped at the opportunity to transfer within his company to manage an application outsourcing contract with a client based in San Diego, CA.
Brian is married with two small children and one dog. His son is four and his daughter is two, which keeps him entertained as well as on his toes constantly. His dog, Harley, is an escape artist as he somehow finds a way to break free from any type of containment which includes opening doors.
When Brian isn't in the office he enjoys spending time with his family and watching and participating in sports. Brian is a die-hard Chicago Cubs, Bulls and Bears fan. He also enjoys learning about investing and monitoring the stock market but as of now he seems to be good at only losing money.
Brian has had the opportunity to travel extensively. His favorite places he's visited are Australia and Argentina and the most interesting was India. Another fun fact about Brian, he has a twin brother who also lives in San Diego.
Please join me in welcoming Brian Lacey to the Managed Solution team!
At Managed Solution, we strive to be the best technology based company by investing in our top assets; our people - CAREERS

famous-women-of-technology 3

Famous Women of STEM: Shaping the Future of Women in Tech Careers

Women have made significant contributions to the development of new technologies, overcoming many barriers to study and work. In years past, women have been barred from colleges and universities, denied the opportunity to work in certain fields, and had their work obscured or stolen by male scientists. As a result, the history of technology is told as a story of great men. But these women, among many others, shaped the technology that we use daily along with the futures of those inspired to go into tech careers.

Hedy Lamarr

large_Hedy_Lamarr-Algiers-38Film buffs know Hedy Lamarr as the sultry female lead of "Algiers" and "Samson and Delilah", but the world owes her a much greater debt. She is the co-inventor of frequency-hopping and spread spectrum, techniques that were used to shield military and other sensitive communications during World War II are now used in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.

The Human Computers

large_ENIAC16The work of Frances Spence and Kay McNulty Mauchly Antonelli also helped shape the outcome of World War II. They worked during an era where a computer was a person who calculated sums, and during the war, computers were mostly women. Performing these calculations by hand, or even simple machines, was too slow for a war that moved at the speed of flight, so they were chosen to help program the first electronic digital computer, known as ENIAC, in 1946.

Ellen Ochoa

large_614px-Ellen_OchoaWomen's contributions to peacetime technologies have been vast. Ellen Ochoa took women's technological innovations to the stars through her work with NASA. She developed optical inspection and image refinement methods for automated examinations of images from space. Ochoa became the first Latina to head NASA's Johnson Space Center. She also got the chance to experience space personally as the first Latina to go into space, eventually completing over forty hours of space missions.

Kimberly Bryant

large_KimberlyBryantFounder-Black-Girls-CODE-400x361Kimberly Bryant is doubly shaping the future of technology with her organization Black Girls Code. Bringing both innovation and diversity to programming, Black Girls Code makes programming careers accessible to a population historically shut out of STEM careers through a six-week course on coding and robotics.

Rana el Kaliouby

large_rana el kalioubyMany consumers struggle to understand new technologies and advances in computing. Rana el Kaliouby is helping computers understand us with her innovations in facial recognition and reading technology. One of the founders of Affectiva, her inventions help people on the autism spectrum read facial expressions, assist researchers as they track subjects' emotional changes, and advertisers track reaction to campaigns in real time by reading viewers' expressions.

Dr. Crystal Jensen

large_crystal jensen (2)Technology must be accessible in order to improve people's lives. Dr. Crystal Jensen, founder and president of Integrity Technologies, Inc. makes educational technologies available to Native and indigenous communities, which often lack technology-rich learning environments. Through online learning and social media, Jensen helps people access educational and economic opportunities and other information to improve the quality of life in traditionally marginalized communities.

Sandrine Mubenga

large_Sandrine M_portrait_0Improving energy efficiency and expanding the use of renewable energy sources will be one of the chief challenges of the 21st century. Sandrine Ngaulula Mubenga is helping us meet this challenge by developing a hybrid car that runs through hydrogen and solar-powered hydrogen fueling stations. Mubenga's prototype reaches a maximum speed of 119 miles per hour, outpacing concerns about the effectiveness of hybrid cars.

Amy Sheng

large_amy-shengTechnological advances have rapidly improved access to health care. But your doctor's office may soon be as accessible as your mobile phone, thanks to Amy Sheng. Sheng's team at CellScope is developing tools that work with mobile phones to connect with medical offices for remote examinations and tests. The hospital trials, if successful, could transform models for triage and monitoring chronic conditions.


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