Tools & Technologies for Business Travelers - 6 helpful tools


Traveling is challenging. Traveling for business is even more challenging as you pack and re-pack trying to find the balance between productivity, personal needs and carry-on limitations. Below we have listed a few items that might turn a stressful assignment on the road into a seamlessly productive and maybe even enjoyable one.

Don’t Lose Charge:

Everyone’s worst nightmare is watching the available battery gauge tick away on a device without a plug-in or spare option. Not to worry there are a few backup alternatives coming to market soon that will solve this problem.
ONE: Jackery Giant Plus is a back-up battery for your smartphone. It has enough power for approximately eight charges and will last close to six months on standby. While big in power, Jackery weighs in at only 10 ounces and measures 3in x 4in. Did we mention it only costs $50 and comes with a built-in LED flashlight too?
TWO: Morphie Space Pack is another back-up battery option. The hardshell case not only provides protection, but one extra battery charge and up to 32GB of additional storage. Depending on extra storage needs, this product runs $150-$180.
THREE: FINsix is a plugin laptop adapter; the difference, it is about a quarter of the size of traditional laptop chargers. They are in production to fit a wide range of brands such as Dell, HP and Apple. So, next time you travel reduce the weight and bulk without giving up your charge.


Get Smart and Functional Accessories:

Looking for a way to do more with less? Traveling for business can be difficult given the size limitations for luggage, seating, etc. We found a few products that can help streamline both your carry-on and work loads.
FOUR: Hex Gallery Carry-On Duffel ($125) is a well-designed bag with room for clothes, books, gear AND a 17-in laptop including cables and other gadgets. The bag is well padded and made of waterproof materials for protection; not to mention, it gives the illusion that you are not carrying a laptop.
FIVE: Logitech Folio Keyboard ($150) is a multi-purpose iPad attachment that acts as a protective case, keyboard and more. Not to mention it comes in fun colors and promotes fast touch typing.


Stay Connected, Anywhere, On Any Device, Securely:

Have you ever needed access to a file or application while traveling, but couldn’t get to it because you were, well, traveling? Microsoft has developed a secure cloud solution to combat this challenge.
SIX: Office 365 is a cloud-powered SaaS (software as a service) platform that allows you to access applications from anywhere. So, if you’re on the road and using different devices (i.e. phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) you won’t lose productivity or sensitive information for that matter. 


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