What's Your Favorite Beer? What Does Beer And Microsoft Dynamics Have in Common?


What's your favorite beer? Find out what employees at a brewing company are saying about their favorites, why they love working there, and how technology is helping them with their daily jobs.
What Does Microsoft Dynamics and beer have in common? Microsoft Dynamics helped this brewing company create connected experiences for employees and customers. With customer engagement and technology changing over the years, Microsoft Dynamics gave them a flexible platform that enabled them to grow and scale with the industry. Technology now is a natural extension on how industries do their job and it must fit into the overall workday experience.

Hospitality industries are using Microsoft Dynamics to:

  • Set up and update handheld menus quickly and easily
  • Streamline packing information and updates using a single database
  • Create training documents for new employees and easily add them to the system
  • Increase automation while reducing downtime with product changes
  • Improve culture by connecting employees, partners, and customers using their preferred devices and channels of engagement
  • Quickly track customer relationships and purchases to make sure you are providing the best possible service
  • Grow and scale with your industry using a flexible system that is easy to update and change as you do
New Belgium Brewing Company employees talk about their favorites—and why they love working there in the below video.

Look for the full documentary at http://NewBelgiumBrewing.Dynamics.com
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