• August 19, 2016

#WorldPhotoDay with OneDrive

#WorldPhotoDay with OneDrive

#WorldPhotoDay with OneDrive 960 640 Managed Solution


Sharing photos easily with OneDrive

Three easy steps to share your favorite snapshots

Article and images by Kelly Cronin
Photographers around the world, both professional and amateur, are sharing some of their favorite pictures in honor of #WorldPhotoDay.  This can sometimes be a tedious task, with image attachment restrictions on emails, formatting difficulties, and accessibility settings.  With Office 365, photo sharing is simplified.


OneDrive has some powerful features to help you find what you need, co-author documents, and keep your files and photos organized.

  • OneDrive is pre-installed on Windows 10, enabling your documents and photos to be saved to OneDrive automatically.
  • Photos saved in OneDrive are automatically tagged based on visuals and OneDrive albums help you keep them organized and searchable.
  • PDF annotation on your iOS device allows you to highlight, draw, and sign any PDF file in your OneDrive.
  • Real-time notifications let you know when a document is being edited and by whom.

Using OneDrive to share photos is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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Taking a good photograph isn’t always easy.  The first step to sharing great photos is capturing the perfect moment with your camera.  Sometimes what you see behind the lens is even better than what you see in real life.  Once you’ve snapped your photo and made any edits you needed, you’re ready for step two.

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After a long day of shooting pictures, the best part is opening up your computer and seeing how they all turned out.  Upload your photos directly to your OneDrive.  With multiple upload capabilities and easy folder creation, you can quickly sort and view all of your pictures in one location.

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 Choose which photos are worth sharing by individually sharing, or create a new folder with your favorite shots and share that folder with the lucky viewers.  Pick and choose who gets to see your photos – and where, with controlled accessibility.  If you want to send messages or post your pics on Instagram, you can sync your OneDrive folder to your phone via the OneDrive app, eliminating the need for emailing yourself individual pictures.