You can now automatically save photos, videos and screenshots to OneDrive on Windows 10

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Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10 quietly picked up a new feature. The new feature is pretty handy – it lets you automatically save photos, videos and screenshots to OneDrive. The option seems to be disabled by default, and to enable it, but here’s how to enable it:
◾Right click on OneDrive Icon in the taskbar (by the clock) and click settings
◾Open the Auto-Save tab
◾Enable the checkboxes that are available
Enabling the feature will allow you to automatically upload any screenshot, photos and videos to OneDrive, and you’ll be able to access these files from other devices as well. It’s worth noting that Microsoft could be allowing users to automatically upload other files sometime soon, but this is just a speculation.

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So how to get this feature? It seems like Microsoft delivered the feature with the KB3081436 update, which was released yesterday. To get the latest update, just check Windows Update to download and install the latest updates.

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