Employee Gives Back: Managed Solution is Recognized for Outstanding Contribution in the Community

SANTA ANA, CA – Philanthropy has been integral to Managed Solution’s culture since the company’s infancy, and, as new employees join the team, they are encouraged to give back to the community both as part of team activities, as well as on their own personal terms. The leadership team is always looking to employees for new ways to get involved in our communities - and welcomes the chance to celebrate employees who go above and beyond in the service of others.

Feli Michaca, a Senior Field Engineer,  is an altruistic role model for the team and has been spending his Wednesday evenings with La Konsentida 97.3, a local radio station in Santa Ana, California, a highly populated Latino community. What started out as a guest appearance has grown into a weekly technology show where Feli joins listeners to discuss a variety of technology trends, and specifically how they are impacting the Latino community.

Feli states, “I didn’t come from a technology background. But when I got hurt and could no longer perform at my job that required manual labor, I went to school and got into technology. Someone (a CIO) reached out and gave me the opportunity to intern at their company to learn everything I know now. Without that chance, who knows where I’d be now. And now it’s my turn to try and give back to my community. I love the show. I love the people and the listeners and believe we’re providing some valuable resources and information that can help someone else.”

Topics on the show range from recent trends, new innovations and more. For example, a hot topic of 2020 has been around COVID-19 tracing technology, which is especially critical in Santa Ana as we have seen minorities hit harder by the pandemic. Recently, Feli and his co-host discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) may impact jobs, specifically at drive-thrus. McDonald’s is planning to implement AI and effectively eliminate ~5 million jobs. Luckily, Feli also shares some positive news. Microsoft joined that show to discuss the launch of an initiative to help 25 million people acquire digital skills needed in today’s economy – for free.

During the show with Microsoft, Feli and Managed Solution were awarded a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to the Community, by the Santa Ana Mayor Vincent Sarmiento; an award all were honored to receive.

Jennell Mott, COO, is thrilled at Feli’s participation to give back as she is heavily involved in giving back herself, with a passion towards serving local foster youth. She states, “Feli loves to bring positivity to the world, and that’s especially needed now. Day in and day out he goes above and beyond for our customers and spends his free time giving back and sharing his technical knowledge to his local community. We’re grateful that he’s part of this team and are so proud of his recent recognition from the Santa Ana Mayor.”

And Feli is grateful to have the Managed Solution support. “Having the support from the team makes this even more rewarding. I wear my Managed Solution shirt proudly and absolutely love what I do and my team.”

Tune in to listen to Tech 30 every Wednesday 6-6:30PM PST on La Konsentida 97.3 in Santa Ana. Available locally and on Facebook Live and YouTube.


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