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Skype for Business in Education

Parent Focus groups reveal three important factors when parents are choosing a school. *

Among the top ten things parents in focus groups say they care about are the strength of the academic program, the vibe they get when the visit the school and how proactive teachers are in their communication about their children in particular.
The classroom is changing and schools that get ready for the next generation of educating will undoubtedly be on top with parents when they are on the search for a private school.
The focus study also revealed that parents mostly hear about schools from word of mouth. What elicits more parental chatter than parents described the new "flipped classroom" their kids participate in or the parent teacher conference they held over Skype, along with virtual field trips with great minds from countries across the globe and after school virtual homework help.
The strength of your school’s academic program is the primary reason most parents are searching for your school. Parents are searching for a school that will meet the needs of their child and challenge them to reach their potential. They want the best school that their money can buy. They want something different and better.

Here are just some of the way Technology will make the difference in academic programs moving forward.

1. Virtual FieldTrips/Visits:
Classes host a museum curator from France, who gives a short lecture on the museum’s collection from the period.
2. Flipped Classroom - Students watch the lecture off campus and work on the assignment, share notes, research findings etc.. As a group in the classroom with the teacher there to interact and push students to their full potential.
3. Virtual after school help
4. Lesson plan dashboards that include mixed media and are shared and accessed by students and parents anytime on any device.
Parents have high expectations of the faculty in that they desire to receive frequent updates on their child. Parents are paying a lot of money for a private school education. As a result, they have high expectations from the faculty. These expectations include timely communications from their teachers about their child.

Here are some ways technology will help teachers communicate efficiently with parents:

1. Automatic Translation Services - Available through Skype for Education
2. Virtual or in person parent teacher conferences - Available with Skype for education

* Parent Focus Group information sourced from

HOLOGRAPHIC Technology for education!

Microsoft recently unveiled Hololens, holographic technology that will transform life, business and education. Check out how Case Western is using it here.

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