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“Managed Solution went above and beyond expectations to get this new laptop to Paul in an expedited timeframe. Special recognition to Joe Pacheco who got the new laptop setup and delivered to Presidio in 1 day after receipt from Dell. He understood the urgency of this replacement and acted accordingly. We count on Joe as he’s been our go-to guy for many years now.  We have also had great support from our new field engineer, Joe Sayasane and the folks on the HelpDesk (especially Bill Shaw).”

Susan Bunn, Presidio

“I wanted to give kudos and a shout out to Bryan Timm. Bellingham Marine has struggled for years with Backup Exec and getting reliable backups. We recently implemented 2 Synology disk arrays and decommissioned a tape library. With these changes and Bryan’s hard work, we have finally gotten to a point where we’ve had a full week of successful backups. Overall, these backups have been getting more reliable since we started onboarding and we hope the positive trend continues. Keep up the good work!”

Dan Schwarz, Information System Manager, Bellingham Marine


“I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the consistently excellent work of Josh Leopard. He has an exceptional talent in dealing with our staff and the various issues that come up last minute. He’s always being willing to lend a hand and we’re thankful. He always finds a way to get things done—and done well! He is literally never in a bad mood and seems to genuinely enjoy his job. I wanted to make you aware of Josh’s spectacular job performance. Having him on the team makes a huge difference.

Belen Galido, Director of HR, Preferred Healthcare Staffing


“I wanted to send a special thank you for not only the services Managed Solution has been providing San Diego Opera, but specifically for the invaluable services, enthusiasm, and experience Josh has been bringing to the team. From day one, he has taken on the strenuous responsibility of caring and meeting the technological needs of all his clients, which in my opinion, is no easy matter; and yet, this is one area he has handled effortlessly and reliably. On more than one account I can recollect times where Josh has used his talent in troubleshooting a firewall or even assisting in a network setup for our production team!

It is with deep appreciation we send this note to express how much we value team members like Josh that not only go above and beyond but help bridge the relationship between our two organizations.”

Joseph Huitzil, IT Manager, SD Opera

“This is my third experience with Managed Solution through Bill. I found Bill extremely nice and helpful every time I call him. Each time I call the line he is so ready to help like if there is no other client but me. He immediately takes the time to solve the issue. Thank you Bill for your patience and excellent client service skills!”

Dalia Alzendi, Project Manager, Center for Community Solutions

The IT sector at our organization was enhanced when Managed Solution came on board. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed the staff and I are with your engineers. They are knowledgeable and able to appreciate and solve any problems that have arisen. They are thorough in their questions in order to understand and analyze a situation. They take the initiative and do whatever needs to be done to resolve an issue.

Our Managed Solution engineer has formed cordial relationships with the staff.  When in the office he contacts everyone at some point to ask if there are concerns he should address. In doing so he has earned the confidence of the group. Thank you for sending him to us!  We appreciate all he does for us. And lastly, thank you for all you have done over the years.  The decision to contract with Managed Solution was a good one.

Jackie Clark, Former Vice President of Finance

“This entire process was seamless! From start to finish there was constant communication, which made for a very low stress transition. The team was fantastic to work with and responded to all question and concerns quickly. In regards to the actual support outside of the implementation, my team has been very happy thus far on how quickly support responds and how easy it has been working with them. I would highly recommend Managed Solution to anyone in need of IT support.”

Elizabeth Banker, CEO, Shore Solutions

“Our switch to Managed Solution was like a breath of fresh air. They carefully and competently analyzed our entire ecosystem and suggested changes (not one option, but multiple) to better our systems. There were a number of cost efficiencies put into place. Sequential upgrading of equipment and software solutions as WE needed….not as THEY wanted. They are flexible enough to give you the options, and work on your timeline, your needs, your budget, and your staff’s ability to change. Concerning knowledge, I haven’t found a lapse—-quite the opposite—I’ve learned a lot from them! I feel safe to say that our network and multitudes of PC’s, laptops and tablets are more secure, more functional than ever before. Their responsiveness is excellent…..especially important since we operate 24 hours a day. ”

Jeffrey G. Penta, CEO, San Diego Eye Bank

“When referring a technology partner to one of my customers, I want to ensure they are providing the highest level of service as their delivery and engagement throughout the sales process is ultimately an extension of my business. Managed Solution’s sales team, project managers, and engineers have all exceeded my expectations throughout these engagements and have not only been a pleasure to work with, but provide the highest level of support to customers, so I trust that my customers will be happy with the services I referred. My customers have had great feedback in working with the Managed Solution team and I’m excited to continue to build on our partnership and refer them as our preferred technology partner.”

Patrick Lawless, President, Conectrix, Inc.

“Through my career working at Microsoft and as a Microsoft Partner, Managed Solution has always been of my favorite partners to work with.  They have an exceptional delivery team that is always ahead of the curve on product knowledge, an executive team that is fully bought in to making Managed Solution one of the very best companies in the industry, and a support staff that is nothing less than world class.  I could not think of a better team to work with than the team at Managed Solution!”

Justin Slagle, Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

“Managed Solution is our preferred technology partner – they help us with everything!”

Molly Wardell, COO, Wardell Builders

“We’re very pleased Managed Solution is the IT company that we chose… the people have all been very articulate, very intelligent and very responsive and we look forward to a long term relationship.”

Richard Meyst, President & CEO, Fallbrook Engineering

“The Managed Solution team is doing a GREAT job, things are going well, and we LOVE the new VPN.”

Vern Loforti, CFO, InfoSonics Corporation

“It is a pleasure to express my appreciation for the support recently provided by Eli, Richard and Jonathan. When having issues, it is nice to be able to have your call answered promptly and deal with people who are knowledgeable, professional, courteous and able to resolve the issue quickly. It is also refreshing to see the sense of urgency. Richard came to our office yesterday to follow up on an issue and I know I kept Eli almost an hour past his scheduled end time when he assisted me Monday morning. They genuinely give you the feeling they are happy to help. I hope I’m not having additional issues anytime soon, but it is very reassuring to know that we have a quality team ready to help when problems do occur. Thank you to the team for the support.”

President & CEO, Staffing Industry

“I want to also thank Jonathan and your team for the EXCELLENT job they did in handling this situation! Thank you again team and your hard work for our organization is very much appreciated.

Manager, Healthcare Industry

“Ryan, Alicia, and the rest of the team have been of great service to our firm. The team is very responsive to our daily IT issues as well as ongoing projects and maintenance. More importantly they work closely with us to ensure our IT infrastructure is protected, that we are utilizing the latest technology to our advantage, and help us analyze and implement industry best practices.”

MR- Operations, Financial Industry 

“I’ve worked with Ryan and Managed Solution for four years now and I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide. Trust is not easy to come by in the world of IT consultants, I know I can trust Ryan and his team to get the job done on budget every time. Beyond the simple execution of the work and projects MS does for us. Every one of them, to a person, is a pleasure to work and collaborate with.”

Mitchell Kohlbecker, Director of Information Technology
Jewish Family Service of San Diego 

“All deliverables on the Office 365 migration have been successfully delivered. I want to thank Shaun and Jeff for all their efforts and assistance in helping us make this project successful!”

Greg Carbone, CIG Financial 

“I had a rather minor issue that I needed help with and called in to report the problem. I was helped by Sergio, who promptly and quickly helped figure out what needed to be done and took care of it. What stands out to me the most was during our call my headset cut out and I was unable to communicate or hear anything being said; all I could see was my mouse moving on the screen as Sergio finished the downloading task. Instead of simply fixing the problem and disconnecting with me, he opened up the Notepad and took the time to type out if there was anything else I needed help with. I just sincerely appreciated that. : ) Thank you so much!”

AJ, Sales and Marketing Specialist, ProHomes 

“The Managed Solution team came out on Friday and did a great job for the training. Also wanted to sing their praises on the long hours they have put in and the superior job they have done. We truly appreciate meeting this new Deadline.”

Trevor Hanes, Director, Operations BusinessOnline 

“I just wanted to reach out and extend my sincerest thanks to Alicia and Hooman for acting quickly to restore the DB file that we needed. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnaround time. The team at Managed Solution were on top of it and got what I needed. I was able to retrieve the data we needed and resolve the issue we were having with our accounting system.”

Michael Ramos, VP, Operations, Chandler Asset Management 

“My manager asked me to look at mobility solutions for our remote workforce that works all around the Southern California area and we thought this meant buying expensive tools like tablets for every employee. After some good investigation and great consulting help from Managed Solution we quickly realized Office 365 created that remote accessibility from devices we already owned or handheld devices our employees owned. After implementing O365 we utilized the unique features in Lync such as IM/Presence as well as SharePoint to access documents and connect with our employees, which was something we struggled with previously using VPN’s and other remote access tools.”

Lisa B. 

“Jacob has done such a great job for us. He is very knowledgeable and is by far the most helpful and responsive IT person we have worked with. He always checks in when he arrives and before he leaves to make sure we are taken care of. Having that great communication is a real plus!”

Bob McCarter, CNP Signs & Graphics 

“I’m very impressed with the team thus far. I know my business is small (today) and a little off spec as a startup, but everyone has been great. They’ve all worked hard to understand my idiosyncrasies and to deliver a quality service and every last person has had a great attitude—regardless of my technical shortcomings.”

JDP, Serra Health Consulting 

“By using Office 365, our employees will be able to interact with e-mail, SharePoint sites and more from any smartphone. That’s very cool!”

C. J. Allen, System Administrator, Santa Margarita Ford 

“Recently, our office computers were the target of a particularly pernicious virus called Cryptolocker. This virus infected all of our cad files and office files (word, excel, etc.). Obviously, without a robust backup system, our office would have been effectively destroyed. Once the virus was detected, Managed Solution was available to assist us with troubleshooting the problem, providing assistance with anti-virus scans for all workstations, and restoration of files from our Backup and Disaster Recovery system. The BDR system worked well in that we were able to restore files to virtually any date / time we determined would be optimal. We have subsequently decided that a more effective anti-virus system is warranted for our office and are currently in the process of coordinating with Managed Solution to have it deployed.”

Daniel J. Mullen, Senior Project Architect / IT Supervisor
Starck Architecture + Planning 

“We are confident that Managed Solution’s team of hardworking IT experts will provide our Biocom members with the same business solutions we have come to rely on in our tenure as a customer. Prior to being awarded the Gold designation within the Biocom Purchasing Group, Managed Solution established an outstanding track record within the Biocom community.  Their reputation, along with their pricing and scalability, set them apart from all other candidates.  Managed Solution’s flexible business model allows for companies of all sizes, types, technologies and infrastructure, making them our trusted IT adviser within the Biocom Purchasing Group’s supplier portfolio and Biocom.”

Tracy Griffith, Operations Manager, BIOCOM 


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