Top Ten Worst Tech Support Users


Whether you’re head of your IT department or the go-to tech guru for your family and friends, take a moment to think about what you like most about the position. Perhaps it’s helping people, or solving problems or even just playing with technology (new and old). Now think about the people that when seen heading your way, cause you to seek refuge under your desk or in a closet. We found a fun slideshow presented by InfoWorld that highlights some of our “favorite” tech users.


1. Johnny Paranoid







  • Reads about every possible threat to his/her electronics.
  • Is convinced he/she has been infected with the newest computer virus
  • Usually the first to call to make sure he/she is protected with the right anti-virus software or applicable security measure; Also usually the first to be preyed upon by scammers.


2. Constant Coveter







  • Needs the newest piece of technology (i.e. hardware, smartphone model, accessories).
  • Demands IT have any of the above available and ready ASAP regardless of knowing what it does or what problems may arise.


3. Personal Pete

Personal Pete



  • Treats the help desk like his/her own personal assistant.
  • Asks questions about non-work-related gadgets (i.e. “What laptop should I get for my son?” or “Can you help me back up my photos on my i-Phone?”).
  • Never sees his/her questions as an imposition.


4. Mr./Mrs. Know-It-Some

know it all



  • Is an amateur IT expert – knows just enough to be dangerous.
  • Tries to take matters into his/her own hands before calling you inevitably making the problem worse (i.e. tweaked Outlook settings to make his/her email “work better” or deleted important files to free up space on his/her computer).


5. Mr./Mrs. No-Skills

No Skills



  • Cannot figure anything IT-related out for himself and calls the help desk every time sandwich crumbs fall in between the keyboard keys.


6. Defiant Debbie

defiant debbie



  • Refuses to following instructions.
  • Doesn’t understand why (above) is a problem.
  • Ignores software update prompts, uploads insecure files to the wrong location…


7. Bad Liar




  • Thinks he/she is sneaky and can get away with things without you knowing (i.e. “I didn’t delete those files” or “I don’t know why my phone won’t turn on, nothing happened to it”).

8. Andy Amnesia




  • Doesn’t remember anything – ever.
  • Forgets passwords, how to set reminders, and anything you’ve already shown him/her how to do at least ten times.
  • Does NOT forget how to call you, though.


9. Search-Impaired Sally

google it



  • Asks you internet-related (non-tech support) questions habitually instead of Googling it himself/herself (i.e. “Which website should I buy office supplies?”)
  • A Senate bill called “Let Me Google That for You” was proposed because of people like Search-Impaired Sally.

10. Incessant Complainer

complainer 2



  • Complains about everything tech-related (i.e. “Why is the internet always so slow” or “Why do we always have to update our computers?”).


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